Interview with Trevino about his 25k GPP Win on Fanduel

TrevinoThis is an interview I did with one of my OneWeekFantasy community members about his Week 12 25k Tournament Win for the 2014 Season.

He scored an incredible 192.4 to place second in the $550k Sunday NFL Kickoff on

He gives us an account of what it is like to win that kind of money, what he was considering when building his lineup and some final advice e for the rest of our community going forward.

Here is the interview




image (11)Paul:

So Trevino, tell us a little about yourself. Where are you from and how long have you been playing Fantasy Football?


First and foremost thanks for doing what you do, you have helped me with some tips that did contribute to my success.

I’m Trevino, I’m a full time college student working on my B.A.

I’m from Fresno, Ca! That’s where 559 comes in from.

I’ve been playing fantasy sports for around 5 years but the excitement was getting old playing in year-long leagues.

This is my first year playing any weekly leagues like Fanduel or Fanday and my success has been fairly good so far.


Nice, a college student making money playing fantasy football.

I bet you’re excited about this big win last week!

What is it like winning $25k while in school getting your degree?


This was a pretty awesome week right before thanksgiving.

I’m thankful for the win and all the opportunities this has brought.

I will be paying off my tuition and not have to worry about student loans anymore!

25k is life changing money for me, monster beats apple accessories 2 this will be invested into my future and help me achieve my goals in life all thanks to fantasy sports!

image (9)Paul:

That is awesome! It sounds like you have things planned out.

Have you told you friends and family and if so, how did they react to the news?


My family was very happy they congratulated me and wanted to sign up.


I bet they did!

Are you coaching them on how to play Daily Fantasy Football.

I would imagine they are asking you for advice now they see what skillful players can do.


My phone didn’t stop buzzing all morning I was offering as much advice as I could this week.

I’ve introduced many friends to your YouTube channel and I’m sure this fantasy sports community will continue to thrive!


Well I appreciate the referrals!

Well let’s get into some strategy talk.

Let’s talk about how you constructed this lineup that scored a 192.4 points.

What were you thinking when you were building?

Here was the Lineup:

image (8)$550k Sunday NFL Kickoff

Drew Brees $9000 29.3
Justin Forsett $7700  32
michael-kors-backpack-wallet “>Issiah Crowell $5500 20.8
Odell Beckham $7500 31.4
Branden Lafell $6900 14.3
Steve Smith $6400 16.9
Jimmy Graham $7500 19.7
Billy Cundiff $4500 14
Seattle Seahawks $5000 14
Total 192.4



My thought process was mainly stick with my stack approach usually a QB/WR or QB/TE combo.

That’s usually where I build around from those are my first two picks.

When news hit that Ben Tate would be released that means they would be pretty much stuck with Crowell so I took a shot.

Hoyer has been struggling and the only upside to the Browns was Crowell in the matchup he had. monster beats diamond tears dna

Next was filling my other RB and I figured the Saints defense was very run soft and Forsett would exploit them as he did.

Whenever there is a big league match up I try to find a player or two who I believe will have the most success so when I saw Dallas and New York I knew I had to take advantage of the hot streak Odel Beckham Jr was having.

Steve smith has some of the best stats against New Orleans in his career lifetime against them so I went with him and just needed value.

When I chose my defense I figured it would be Arizona’s backup quarterback against one of the top notch defenses and the value was perfect for my budget.

There was a lot of thought and research done that week. My player projections were met and led me to success


Interesting thought process.

Are you primarily Cash Game player or a GPP player?


I’m primarily a GPP player.

I’ve had more frequent success cashing in this type of game but I’m trying to transition to cash games and continue to build my bankroll.


Yea, I love GPP’s too but I know Cash Games are the best way to build a bankroll.

To end, what would be one piece of advice to all our readers for having success playing large field GPP’s tournaments?


My advice would have to be try to stay balanced in your team selection.

I’ve picked so many high end players that produce but then you’re forced to pick up lower end “scrubs” just to fill your roster.

Your 5 star players take up lots of cap space and yea they usually perform and you score in the low 100’s but you want to stay balanced to produce consistent 130’s to have a better chance to cash.

Stay balanced because your teams will stay consistent and you’ll get the occasional home run player that takes your team to the next level.


Alright, I think that is solid advice.

You’re absolutely right, picking expensive players cripples your team more than it helps most of the time. Little room for error at those lower levels.

Well, thank you Trevino for taking the time to do this interview. I really appreciate the perspective and advice you gave to our readers as it helps shape how we approach building GPP lineups.

I know you and your family are super excited and have plans for how to spend 25k.

Once again, congrats on the huge win and enjoy the spoils of Daily Fantasy Football!


Thanks man I appreciate it all, I need 43 points to beat you this week it’s going to be close!

Good luck with your season and keep those informative videos coming.

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