2016 NFL Week 3 – Cash Game Lineup

I am sharing with you one of the three actual lineups I am playing with this weekend. Feel free to use this lineup or modify it to your liking. I can’t guarantee Success or Profitability because I can not see into the future nor do I claim to be able to do so.

To be clear this is just a bonus as I am not selling you this lineup. I don’t want to be accused of Selling Lineups and ruining the experience for everyone else!

To stay within Draftking’s and Fanduel’s Terms of Service, ugg outlet florida mall factory I will leave either the Kicker, Defense or both open as to not have duplicate lineups out there.

You are ultimately responsible for you own success so please do your own due diligence and construct the lineup you feel comfortable competing with.

I DO NOT and cannot Legally take Responsibility for your results. I can not Guarantee Success or Profitability with this lineup. nfl jerseys falcons fanatics

Cash Game Lineup for Week 3

“Sunday-Monday” Lineup

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