NFL Week 1 and 2 Stacking

sedricLast year around this time, I pulled a list of top performers from week 1 and week 2. It is no surprise that some familiar names showed up on the list this year as having early success (Carlos Hyde, Julio, Fitzgerald etc). However one thing that has stood out to me this year is the stacking success I have seen. The big winners in week 1 were the ones who stacked Brees with both Snead and Cooks. I didnt play that particular stack- but still saw enough success to warrant some research into the subject. Is it really worth playing 2 and 3 players from the same team? What type of stacks worked so far this year?

In gpp, the target score is typically 180 to be towards the top of the field. This means that everyone in your lineup must average 20 points a person.

In cash, the target score is typically 130, which brings the average down to 15 points per person. I believe week 2 cash lines were lower than usual, around 110 or 120.

From the 16 games, I pulled performances from week 1 to find combinations of players where the QB + WR averaged at least 15 per person or more.  In the cases where the tight end could have been paired with the group, I added him so that you can see the impact of the stack. For example, Smith and Maclin scored 43.72 alone, but Smith + Maclin + Kelce would have scored 53 points amongst 3 spots, or 17 points per person.

Team WR + QB points QB WRs TEs
NO Total 89.52   brees snead, cooks  
PIT Total 66.3   rothlesburger brown, rodgers  
ATL Total 57.46   ryan sanu, jones  
OAK Total 55.26   carr nfl jerseys 2017 online 2 “>crabtree, cooper  
IND Total 50.9   luck hilton doyle (+17), allen (+15)
CIN Total 48.34   dalton aj, lafell  
TB Total 44.94   winston evans  
KC Total 43.72   smith maclin kelce (+10)
ARI Total 43.04   palmer fitz  
CAR Total 40.26   cam benjamin olsen (+10)
PHI Total 40.12   wentz matthews, alghor  
DET Total 26.1   stafford   ebron (+13)
JAC Total 16   bortles   j thomas (+14)

moncler down dress “>The thing I find most interesting is that you can almost always find a stack combination among most games in which the stack (whether high or low scoring) still gives you a chance at cashing at a 130 mark. The lower end would require much more help in spots such as defense and kicker, but it isnt as deadly as it seems to have the worse stacks on the list.

Week 2, I did the same thing, but added in the running back position. A handful of teams actually panned out if you had stacked the RB and QB, or in the case of the Cleveland browns, stacked the WR and RB without the QB. Note: I only added the stack where each player scored more than 16 points in this case:


Team Actual Score qb rb wr te
CAR Total 77.82   newton   benjamin olsen
NE Total 76.56   garroppolo blount amendola bennett
NYJ Total 72.56   fitzpatrick forte decker  
SD Total 69.7   rivers gordon benjamin  
TEN Total 52.92   mariota murray walker  
ATL Total 47.94   ryan   julio  
MIN Total 47. michael kors backpack wallet 2 84   bradford   diggs  
CLE Total 46.2     crowell coleman  
OAK Total 44.06   carr murray    
PIT Total 42.96   ben roth williams    
ARI Total 41.42   palmer   fitzgerald  
CIN Total 39.54   dalton gio    
BAL Total 36.28   flacco   wallace  

The top stack is not necessary to do well. Here is an example of my lineup that broke the top 100 of 20,000 despite having part of the 4th best stack on the board:


Takeaways from this:

  1. Don’t be afraid to stack in cash games if you are confident in a high scoring game
  2. Stacks of 3 or more players from one team can also be profitable at times if you hit on both players. In gpp, this could be really helpful in differentiating from the field using chalk plays.


2016 NFL Week 1 – Earnings Report

Overall Tournament Win Rate Percentage – 0%

Initial Deposit for Week 1 – $1000

Total Cash Withdrawal – $0

Starting Bankroll for Week 1 – $1,000

Total Investment – $100

michael kors card holder c 1004 “>Total Winnings – $0

Week 1 Net Profit/Loss – $0

Ending Balance – $900

***Update ***

(I played the (2 Game) Monday Night slate with 3 $27 entries)

ugg outlet dallas deer park “>Starting Bankroll for Week 1 – $1,000

Total Investment – $181

Total Winnings – $160

Week 1 Net Profit/Loss – $21

Ending Balance – $979

2015 NFL Week 15 – Earnings Report

monster beats canada china com/wp-content/uploads/2014/09/6093690339_a09493f126_z1.jpg” alt=”” width=”560″ height=”280″ />

Overall GPP Win Rate Percentage – 0%

Initial Deposit for Week 1 – $1000

ugg outlet georgia 400 gunwharf quays “>Total Cash Withdrawal – $0

Starting Bankroll for Week 15 – $206

Total Investment – $100

Total Winnings – michael kors baby shoes black watch “> $0

Week 15 Net Profit/Loss – $100

Ending Balance – $106

2015 NFL Week 14 – Earnings Report

moncler armoise albizia com/wp-content/uploads/2014/09/6093690339_a09493f126_z1.jpg” alt=”” width=”560″ height=”280″ />

Overall GPP Win Rate Percentage – 0%

Initial Deposit for Week 1 – $1000

michael kors d 1210 earrings “>Total Cash Withdrawal – $0

Starting Bankroll for Week 13 – $231

Total Investment – $25

Total Winnings – freeport maine free shipping “> $0

Week 5 Net Profit/Loss – $25

Ending Balance – $206

2015 NFL Week 13 – Earnings Report

ugg outlet deals ugg outlet delaware com/wp-content/uploads/2014/09/6093690339_a09493f126_z1.jpg” alt=”” width=”560″ height=”280″ />

Overall GPP Win Rate Percentage – 14%

Initial Deposit for Week 1 – $1000

nfl jerseys for dogs size chart 2 “>Total Cash Withdrawal – $0

Starting Bankroll for Week 13 -$302

Total Investment – $112

Total Winnings – moncler belt bomber “> $40

Week 5 Net Profit/Loss – $71

Ending Balance – $231

2015 NFL Week 12 – Earnings Report

nfl jerseys clearance cheap usa com/wp-content/uploads/2014/09/6093690339_a09493f126_z1.jpg” alt=”” width=”560″ height=”280″ />

Overall GPP Win Rate Percentage – 8%

Initial Deposit for Week 1 – $1000

nfl jerseys burned best sellers “>Total Cash Withdrawal – $0

Starting Bankroll for Week 12 -$638

Total Investment – $418

Total Winnings – moncler a roma a bologna “> $82

Week 5 Net Profit/Loss – $336

Ending Balance – $302

NFL Week 12 – The QBs for GPP

sedricOn Thanksgiving day, I was dead set on Stafford, who threw 5 TDs. The week before, I found Winston and Cam Newton who threw for career high 5 TDs . Week 10 – it was Cousins all day who threw 5 TDs and I played him. Not too long before that, I found Brees who set a career high 7 td day (2 percent owned?).  With the exception of Cousins and Cam, none of these guys were really expected to go off when they did, which is what makes them GPP plays. So then the question is, how did I find these guys (and no, I didn’t set 32 unique lineups 🙂 )? There is a pretty simple formula most weeks that has seemingly worked over and over again.

Everything starts with Paul’s worksheet. Starting with the weekly workboard, I go through every matchup and determine which matchups feature two teams who have bad defenses. I prefer when both teams have a bad pass defense and both teams have a good run defense as passing yards tend to allow for quicker strikes and more possessions.  If you recall my stacking post, ugg outlet de discount code this may also occur when one team is really bad at run defense and the other is really bad at passing (see baltimore vs cleveland in week 5) as well, but that is more rare.

Then I make a note of the o/u from vegas in addition to the point spread. A 5 point spread or less is ideal to avoid a blowout.

At this point, I typically have about 5 or 6 QBs to choose from.  Most people look at those same stats and so you will have the obvious plays in there as well as some risky ones that people avoid. Then I use the ownership projections from rotogrinders to get an idea of who everyone else avoided. Here is the link from this week’s projections (which I have been posting in the facebook channel every week):

From this week’s field report, everyone likes Carson Palmer -> except me! San Francisco is bad against the pass, but lets say the score goes to 21-0 (real possible). I would then suspect that the running game will take over from there Based on SF’s history of giving up yards and TDs to RBs, its possible that 2 or 3 of those first few TDs come from RBs which could make Palmer a bad play. Also since I’m a tournament player, having the same QB as roughly 20 percent of the field may not only make it more difficult to be unique at the QB level; it will also make the rest of your team very close to the same 20 percent of the field (due to chalk plays and salary limitations).

So with the 5 or 6 QBs you have narrowed down, you can now find compare their ownership to find the lowest owned QB with the most potential. michael kors d frame sunglasses d1207 Keep in mind the pace of the game, the o/u, where the TDs usually come from against the defense (big key), the typical offensive strategy for the team (passing vs running vs balanced offense) and point spread in addition to the ownership.  With those considerations, hopefully it will help you get down to 3 QBs for the week. This week, here is who I am looking at for gpp upside:

  1. Russell Wilson (1.1%). It is such a risk considering how bad the Seattle offense has played. However, they are expected to be top 5 in scoring by Vegas, and the Pittsburg defense gives up passing TDs to WR and TEs, while they rarely let a running back score TDs. It’s a home game and he was only 1 percent owned on Thursday, which means he has one of the highest upsides for tournament play if Pittsburg can keep up with that -4.5 point spread (which i believe they can).
  2. Philip Rivers (2.2%). This is a passing offense which trumps what the defense is giving up. In this case, the defense gives up most TDs to RBs and TEs, but San Diego doesn’t have a run game, nfl jerseys elite eagles which forces them to use Gates in the redzone (as if they weren’t going to do that anyways). The other factor here is that the pace of the game is the fastest pace of all the games. The o/u is 4th highest so this is not a play I would ignore at 2.2 percent owned.
  3. Tom Brady (2.3%).   Yep, Brady has his own exception. The guy is built on upside so no matter what his opponent is giving up or how many of his WRs are down, it is something I feel like should be played somewhere when his ownership is that low. I will probably play him for a dollar somewhere.

For the chalk QBs that are highly owned (Hoyer, Eli, etc), these guys may turn in the best games of the week as well. Therefore I may roster them, but if I do, I will force myself to take a risk elsewhere, as you need at least 1 guy who is less than 5% owned if you intend to win a large gpp.

2015 NFL Week 11 – Earnings Report

nfl jerseys burned best sellers com/wp-content/uploads/2014/09/6093690339_a09493f126_z1.jpg” alt=”” width=”560″ height=”280″ />

Overall GPP Win Rate Percentage – 15%

Initial Deposit for Week 1 – $1000

michael kors espadrille flats e gift card “>Total Cash Withdrawal – $0

Starting Bankroll for Week 11 -$758

Total Investment – $172

Total Winnings – $52nfl jerseys cheap china . “>

Week 5 Net Profit/Loss – $120

Ending Balance – $638

2015 NFL Week 10 – Earnings Report

moncler daniel jacket discount com/wp-content/uploads/2014/09/6093690339_a09493f126_z1.jpg” alt=”” width=”560″ height=”280″ />

Overall GPP Win Rate Percentage – 24%

Initial Deposit for Week 1 – $1000

ugg outlet eagan el paso “>Total Cash Withdrawal – $0

Starting Bankroll for Week 10 – $739

Total Investment – $130

Total Winnings – $149moncler belt bomber “>

Week 5 Net Profit/Loss – $19

Ending Balance – $758

6th GPP Win – 11/9/15


Criteria for making this Trophy room is for my tournament entry to be any Top 10 Finish in a field over 1,000 entries.


Any GPP Finish with a ugg outlet braeside black friday sales “>Payout over $500.


6th GPP Win – 11/9/15

moncler definition d com/wp-content/uploads/2015/11/nov_9_gpp_win.png”>nov_9_gpp_win

michael michael kors hamilton ew collection kors png”>nov_9th_gpp_win_2

2015 NFL Week 9 – Earnings Report

blue employee discount com/wp-content/uploads/2014/09/6093690339_a09493f126_z1.jpg” alt=”” width=”560″ height=”280″ />

Overall Cash Game Win Rate Percentage – 100%

Initial Deposit for Week 1 – $1000

monster beats earbuds repair earbuds fake “>Total Cash Withdrawal – $0

Starting Bankroll for Week 9 – $699

Total Investment – $50

Total Winnings – $90nfl jerseys for dogs size chart 3 “>

Week 5 Net Profit/Loss – $40

Ending Balance – $739

5th GPP Win – 11/7/15


Criteria for making this Trophy room is for my tournament entry to be any Top 10 Finish in a field over 1,000 entries. michael kors coupon clutch


Any GPP Finish with a Payout over $500.


5th GPP Win – 11/7/15

moncler a maglia crew knit coat com/wp-content/uploads/2015/11/nba__win_2.png”>nba__win_2

nfl jerseys clearance cheap usa png”>NBA_Win


2015 NFL Week 8 – Earnings Report

moncler cluny careers com/wp-content/uploads/2014/09/6093690339_a09493f126_z1.jpg” alt=”” width=”560″ height=”280″ />

Overall Cash Game Win Rate Percentage – 0%

Initial Deposit for Week 1 – $1000

nfl jerseys for 19 99 sale cheap “>Total Cash Withdrawal – $0

Starting Bankroll for Week 7 – $799

Total Investment – $100

Total Winnings – $0nfl jerseys ranked custom 2 “>

Week 5 Net Profit/Loss – $100

Ending Balance – $699

2015 NFL Week 7 – Earnings Report

nfl jerseys elite vs limited el paso com/wp-content/uploads/2014/09/6093690339_a09493f126_z1.jpg” alt=”” width=”560″ height=”280″ />

Overall Cash Game Win Rate Percentage – 0%

Initial Deposit for Week 1 – $1000

nfl jerseys game vs elite green bay “>Total Cash Withdrawal – $0

Starting Bankroll for Week 7 – $899

Total Investment – $100

Total Winnings – $0michael kors outlet shoes “>

Week 5 Net Profit/Loss – $100

Ending Balance – $799

2015 NFL Week 6 – Earnings Report

buy nfl jerseys black and white quiz com/wp-content/uploads/2014/09/6093690339_a09493f126_z1.jpg” alt=”” width=”560″ height=”280″ />

Overall Cash Game Win Rate Percentage – 92%

Initial Deposit for Week 1 – $1000

monster-beats-vs-urbeats-speaker-2 “>Total Cash Withdrawal – $0

Starting Bankroll for Week 6 – $671

Total Investment – $301

Total Winnings – nfl jerseys discount denver broncos “>$529

Week 5 Net Profit/Loss – $228

monster beats amazon australia “

4th GPP Win on 10/12/15


Criteria for making this Trophy room is for my tournament entry to be any Top 10 Finish in a field over 1, ugg outlet online atlanta 000 entries.


Any GPP Finish with a Payout over $500.


moncler doccasion ebay “>4th GPP Win – 10/12/15


moncler kids vest png” alt=”Owntheplay_Second_place_FInish” width=”600″ height=”331″ />


3rd GPP Win on 3/1/15


Criteria for making this Trophy room is for my tournament entry to be any Top 10 Finish in a field over 1, nfl jerseys for dogs size chart 2 000 entries.


Any GPP Finish with a Payout over $500.


michael kors extreme blue employee discount “>3rd GPP Win – 3/1/15


michael kors b pop ap 1311 “>nba_trophy_lu

2nd GPP Win on 11/2/2014


Criteria for making this Trophy room is for my tournament entry to be any Top 10 Finish in a field over 1, moncler backpack bady 000 entries.


Any GPP Finish with a Payout over $500.



nfl-jerseys-at-walmart-aliexpress “>2nd GPP Win – 11/2/2014 (NFL)


nfl-jerseys-for-dogs-size-chart “>2nd_GPP_Win_Score_Box

1st GPP Win on 10/20/14


Criteria for making this Trophy room is for my tournament entry to be any Top 10 Finish in a field over 1,000 entries. 2017 nfl jerseys for sale best sellers


Any GPP Finish with a Payout over $500.


1st GPP Win

ugg outlet denver co dfo” target=”_blank”>$15k_Mon_NFL_Monster_

nfl jerseys for 19 99 sale cheap com/contest/6362032/scoring/lineup/57160075/” target=”_blank”>15_k_Monster


2015 NFL Week 5 – Earnings Report

michael kors espadrille flats e gift card com/wp-content/uploads/2014/09/6093690339_a09493f126_z1.jpg” alt=”” width=”560″ height=”280″ />

Overall Cash Game Win Rate Percentage – 94%

Initial Deposit for Week 1 – $1000

nfl jerseys dallas cowboys ebay “>Total Cash Withdrawal – $0

Starting Bankroll for Week 5 – $499

Total Investment – $210

Total Winnings – moncler atlanta anet “>$382

Week 5 Net Profit/Loss – $172

monster beats ebay earphone with mic “

NFL Week 4 – Where was the value last week?

sedricIn week 4, we saw some of the lowest winning scores posted that we have seen all season.  The winning lineups were those that bet against the grain. A kicker was the 2nd overall scorer. Only 2 players hit 3x value that cost over $8000 (and neither were WRs). In other words, your optimal lineups would have cost you about $5,000 less than the allowed $60,000 salary (and still would have netted you 230 points).  This has given me some ideas for my GPP play over the next couple of weeks, as I assume that the casual FanDuel players will continue to a) spend their entire salary and b) spend a majority of their salary on high end WRs.

Below are the top performers from week 4 in the NFL.

Player Pos Team Opp Def v Pos Salary Actual Score Actual Val
Devonta Freeman RB ATL vs HOU 3rd 7200 35.4 4.9
Cairo Santos K KC @ CIN 23rd 4600 27 5.9
Tavon Austin WR STL @ ARI 22nd 5300 26.6 5
Philip Rivers QB SD vs CLE 8th 7400 26.22 3.5
Vincent Jackson ugg outlet denver co dfo “>WR TB vs CAR 15th 6800 25.7 3.8
Le’Veon Bell RB PIT vs BAL 6th 8900 24.5 2.8
Sam Bradford QB PHI @ WAS 28th 7100 24.2 3.4
Jeremy Hill RB CIN vs KC 15th 6700 24 3.6
Allen Hurns WR JAC @ IND 5th 5300 23.1 4.4
Doug Martin RB TB vs CAR 14th 6400 22.8 3.6
Chris Ivory RB NYJ @ MIA monster beats audio beats adidas “>19th 6900 22.6 3.3
Drew Brees QB NO vs DAL 5th 8400 22.36 2.7
Josh McCown QB CLE @ SD 9th 6400 22.24 3.5
Duke Johnson RB CLE @ SD 23rd 5400 22.1 4.1
Detroit DST DET @ SEA 9th 4300 22 5.1
Kirk Cousins QB WAS vs PHI 26th 6100 21.7 3.6
Atlanta DST ATL vs HOU 15th 4200 21 monster beats diamond earbuds “>5
Jeremy Maclin WR KC @ CIN 2nd 6500 20.3 3.1
DeAndre Hopkins WR HOU @ ATL 23rd 7900 20.2 2.6
Martellus Bennett TE CHI vs OAK 31st 5500 19.8 3.6
C.J. Spiller RB NO vs DAL 21st 5500 19.4 3.5
Leonard Hankerson WR ATL vs HOU 30th 5600 19.3 3.4


I only posted the players who scored around 20 points or more as these players may have extended their ceiling. Something else to factor in; If you are like me and pick a majority of your players when they are playing at home, you may want to rethink that strategy, as many of these top plays occurred on the road.

2015 NFL Week 4 – Earnings Report

ugg outlet eu ebay com/wp-content/uploads/2014/09/6093690339_a09493f126_z1.jpg” alt=”” width=”560″ height=”280″ />

Overall Cash Game Win Rate Percentage – 8%

Initial Deposit for Week 1 – $1000

ugg outlet box hill boston “>Total Cash Withdrawal – $0

Starting Bankroll for Week 4 – $865

Total Investment – $456

Total Winnings – freeport maine free shipping “>$90

Week 4 Net Profit/Loss – $366

Ending Balance – $499

2015 NFL Week 3 – Earnings Report

ugg outlet eagan el paso com/wp-content/uploads/2014/09/6093690339_a09493f126_z1.jpg” alt=”” width=”560″ height=”280″ />

Overall Cash Game Win Rate Percentage – 40%

Initial Deposit for Week 1 – $1000

nfl-jerseys-all-teams-alibaba-2 “>Total Cash Withdrawal – $0

Starting Bankroll for Week 3 – $949

Total Investment – $304

Total Winnings – michael kors dress shirts val deurope “>$220

Week 2 Net Profit/Loss – $84

Ending Balance – $865

FD Budget Bargains – Week 3

IMG_0303My goal in writing these Budget Bargain articles is to help provide some insight on salary relief and value when building your lineups. These picks are from my own research as well as getting views from other articles. I cannot guarantee any of these players will perform the way I think they could perform.

Position Price Tier
QB $7900 & Under
RB $7000 & Under
WR $7000 & Under
TE $5000 & Under




Nick Foles – STL – $6500

Pit is allowing 311.5 yards and 3 TD’s a game. The Rams running game is bad right now which means if STL wants to win this game, they will be throwing the ball a lot.

Projection: 15-17 points

Brandon Weeden – DAL – $6500

I’m really not a big fan of Weeden but he did look pretty good when he went in the game for Romo last week. Weeden went 7 for 7 with 73 yards and a TD. ATL is giving up 314 yards a game, which makes him an interesting pick and could easily hit value.

Projection: 14-16 points

Marcus Mariota – TEN – $7300

Mariota has been playing well the last two games and the Colts defense is a little banged up. I see Mariota being overlooked but could have a great game.

Projection: 16-18 points

Cam Newton – CAR – $7900

Tampa Bay beat New Orleans last week. cheap nfl jerseys Enough said!

Projection: 19-21 points



Lance Dunbar – DAL – $4900

ATL is only allowing 68.5 running yards a game but what people might not realize is they are also allowing 99.5 receiving yards a game to RB’s which is most in the league. If ATL can stop the run game, look for Weeden to drop short passes in Dunbar’s direction. Dunbar is averaging 6.5 targets for 57.5 receiving yards a game.

Projection: 6-8 points

Devonta Freeman – ATL – $6500

With Coleman likely out this week, it will be up to Freeman to carry the load for ATL. DAL is pretty good against the run so far this year but they are only average at stopping the passing game to RB’s.

Projection: 11-13 points

Jonathan Stewart – CAR – $6500

Stewart has great opportunity for a lot of points facing a bad NO defense. NO is giving up 111 rushing yards a game and it doesn’t look like they are going to get better anytime soon.

Projection: 11-13 points

James Starks – GB – $6500

If Lacy is out this week against KC, Starks will take over his role. I am projecting Starks at 7-9 fantasy points but if Lacy is out, he could be in the 12-14 fantasy point area.

Projection: 7-9 points

Dion Lewis – NE – $6700

Lewis is averaging 54.5 rushing yards and 74.5 receiving yards a game. nfl jerseys for dogs size chart 2 If JAC can stop his run, he will get them with his receiving. If JAC can stop his receiving, he will get them with his running game. Who’s going to jump on the Lewis train before his price gets higher?

Projection: 11-13 points

Latavius Murray – OAK – $7000

The CLE defense is worse against the run than the pass. If OAK keeps the ball on the ground, Murray could be an under owned player with a big upside.

Projection: 13-15 points



Aaron Dobson – NE – $5000

With the way the Pats are throwing the ball and beating the defense, I’m sure people will be playing Gronk and Edelman. But Dobson has big potential to have an outstanding game this week with a potential blowout projected by Vegas. If this game does turn into a blowout, Brady, Edelman and Gronk will probably all sit. But Dobson on the other hand will more than likely turn into Garoppolo’s #1 target and Brady’s #3 target. Last week Dobson had 7 receptions on 8 targets for 87 yards.

Projection: 6-8 points

James Jones – GB – $5700

Jones seems to have a lot of good chemistry with Rogers, receiving 3 TD’s in two games. Although, he doesn’t get many targets during the game, Rogers does find him in the end zone. nfl jerseys cheap reddit china reddit

Projection: 8-10 points

Doug Baldwin – SEA – $6000

Baldwin has 17 targets so far this year, which is 22nd between all the WR’s. He is facing a CHI defense that in two games has allowed 325 yards with 7 TD’s. I like his chances.

Projection: 8-10 points

Terrance Williams – DAL – $6500

Williams is a mid salary play that has turned into the #1 WR with Bryant out. He has the potential to put up some big numbers but with Romo out as well, I don’t see that happening.

Projection: 8-10 points


Allen Robinson – JAC – $6600

Robinson is averaging 9 targets with 91 receiving yards and 1 TD a game. NE has allowed 212 yards a game to WR’s. Robinson at this price could be a bargain as long as JAC’s O-Line can keep Bortles off the ground.

Projection: 11-13 points

Larry Fitzgerald – ARI – $6700

Fitzgerald is getting up there in age but he’s playing like he’s in his prime. Fitzgerald has 199 receiving yards and 3 TD’s in two games. You can’t beat his price if he keeps playing the way he is.

Projection: 10-12 points



Richard Rogers – GB – $4900

I really don’t like anyone under the $5k cap this week but in efforts to do so, Rogers is a player to look at. KC has a great defense against the TE but he has Aaron Rogers for a QB.

Projection: 5-7 points

Eric Ebron – DET – $5100

I like Ebron this week even though he is above the $5k cap I set. DEN is only average at stopping the TE and last week Ebron was targeted 10 times. He has also scored in both games this year.

Projection: 6-8 points


NFL Week 2 – Top Player Evaluation

sedricAfter a week in which we saw many upsets, it is time to find the players who stood out the most. If you haven’t noticed yet, FanDuel will email you some statistics around how you picked and what the best lineup possible actually was. However, what I want to do is report back who the best players per position actually were, in terms of both value and in terms of high score. We will start with the highest overall scorers:




Highest Scoring Players for Week 2

Pos Team Opp Def v Pos Salary Actual Score Actual Val
Larry Fitzgerald WR ARI @ CHI 25th 5900 33.2 5.6
Antonio Brown WR PIT vs SF 10th 9200 32 3.5
Ben Roethlisberger QB PIT vs SF 15th 8400 30.66 3.7
Allen Robinson WR JAC vs MIA 22nd 5700 30.5 5.4
DeAngelo Williams RB PIT vs SF 5th 7400 29.2 3.9
Tyrod Taylor QB BUF vs NE 18th 6300 28.98 4.6
Cam Newton QB CAR vs HOU 28th 7700 28.4 3.7
Julian Edelman WR NE @ BUF 17th 7600 28.4 3.7
Tom Brady QB NE @ BUF 2nd 8300 28.24 3.4
Derek Carr QB OAK vs BAL 9th 6100 27.34 4.5
Colin Kaepernick QB SF @ PIT 32nd 7800 26.5 3.4
Matt Jones RB WAS vs STL 12th 5300 26.1 4.9
Emmanuel Sanders WR DEN @ KC 20th 8000 24.7 3.1
Odell Beckham Jr. WR NYG vs ATL 26th 8700 24.1 2.8
Ryan Tannehill QB MIA @ JAC 5th ugg outlet florida foxwoods “>8000 24.06 3
Crockett Gillmore TE BAL @ OAK 26th 4500 23.3 5.2
Russell Wilson QB SEA @ GB 14th 8500 23.04 2.7
Torrey Smith WR SF @ PIT 30th 5900 23 3.9
Joe Flacco QB BAL @ OAK 26th 8100 22.56 2.8
Aaron Rodgers QB GB vs SEA 1st 9300 22.26 2.4
Carson Palmer QB ARI @ CHI 31st 7800 22.2 2.8
Donte Moncrief WR IND vs NYJ 19th 6000 21.7 3.6
Blake Bortles QB JAC vs MIA 21st 6100 21.62 3.5
Michael Crabtree WR OAK vs BAL 24th 5500 21.6 3.9
Andy Dalton QB CIN vs SD 11th 6900 21.56 3.1
Peyton Manning QB DEN @ KC 4th 8200 21.24 2.6


This week seemed to be dominated by the quarterbacks. It’s tough to find a running back or a tight end in the top twenty, but there were a few new names that stuck out (Matt Jones, Crockett Gillmore). One of my favorites -> Tyrod Taylor lived up to the hype this week and brought well above his value if you took Paul’s advice on playing him this week.


Best Value Plays of Week 2

Position Team Opp Def v Pos Salary Actual Score Actual Val
Larry Fitzgerald WR ARI @ CHI 25th 5900 33.2 5.6
Allen Robinson WR JAC vs MIA 22nd 5700 30.5 5.4
Crockett Gillmore TE BAL @ OAK 26th 4500 23.3 5.2
Matt Jones RB WAS vs STL 12th 5300 26. moncler doccasion ebay 1 4.9
Denver DST DEN @ KC 12th 4200 20 4.8
Tyrod Taylor QB BUF vs NE 18th 6300 28.98 4.6
Derek Carr QB OAK vs BAL 9th 6100 27.34 4.5
Dion Lewis RB NE @ BUF 11th 5200 20.8 4
DeAngelo Williams RB PIT vs SF 5th 7400 29.2 3.9
Torrey Smith WR SF @ PIT 30th 5900 23 3.9
Michael Crabtree WR OAK vs BAL 24th 5500 21.6 3.9
Ben Roethlisberger QB PIT vs SF 15th 8400 30.66 3.7
Cam Newton QB CAR vs HOU 28th 7700 28.4 3.7
Julian Edelman WR NE @ BUF 17th 7600 28.4 3.7
Stephen Gostkowski K NE @ BUF 20th 5200 19 3.7
Leonard Hankerson WR ATL @ NYG 5th 4500 16.7 3.7
Donte Moncrief WR IND vs NYJ 19th 6000 21.7 3.6
Antonio Brown WR PIT vs SF 10th 9200 32 3.5
Blake Bortles QB JAC vs MIA 21st 6100 21.62 3.5
Darrius Heyward-Bey WR PIT vs SF 10th 4500 15.7 3.5


Since we are all dumbfounded as to what happened to our running backs, I decided to add in the top scoring running backs this week. Funny story, only 3 running backs exceeded 3x value this week and they all happen to be on the top of this chart:


Top RB plays of Week 2

Pos Team Opp michael kors espadrille flats e gift card “>Def v Pos Salary Actual Score Actual Val
Matt Jones RB WAS vs STL 12th 5300 26.1 4.9
Dion Lewis RB NE @ BUF 11th 5200 20.8 4
DeAngelo Williams RB PIT vs SF 5th 7400 29.2 3.9
David Johnson RB ARI @ CHI 14th 6600 17 2.6
Latavius Murray RB OAK vs BAL 6th 6800 16.2 2.4
Karlos Williams RB BUF vs NE 8th 4700 10.7 2.3
Isaiah Crowell RB CLE vs TEN 30th 5800 13.2 2.3
Danny Woodhead RB SD @ CIN 28th 6200 13.4 2.2
Shane Vereen RB NYG vs ATL 29th 6200 13.5 2.2
Devonta Freeman RB ATL @ NYG 19th 6300 13.9 2.2
Giovani Bernard RB CIN vs SD 18th 7000 15.4 2.2


Normally the RB position is the most consistent scoring option. However this week, every game was full of sunny weather and the QBs used the clear skies to find their scoring. Either that or every defensive coordinator decided to shut down the run this week at the same time (except for SF, Buf, and Stl). Either way, I do not expect that trend to carry forward.  This is, however two weeks in a row where the RB position is not often seen in the top performer list. Maybe this is the time of year to go cheap on RBs?

How did he do it?

This guy won the million dollar tournament with score: 209.66. He is a first time player, literally. Account opened in March and this is his one and only entry reported in his profile.
  • QB Ben Roethlisberger
    4.1% Owned
    30.66 points
  • RB Adrian Peterson
      6.6% Owned
    18.2 points
  • RB Dion Lewis
    0.6% Owned
    20.8 points
  • WR Antonio Brown
    26.5% Owned
    32 points
  • WR Larry Fitzgerald
    6.1% Owned
    33.2 points
  • WR Travis Benjamin
    0.6% Owned
    31 points
  • TE Rob Gronkowski
    11.5% Owned
    20.8 points
  • K Josh Brown
    20.3% Owned
    9 points
  • D New York Jets
    0.9% Owned
    14 points

I think this person went with all studs and then filled in the rest with who he thought would do well. Brown is consistent and he handcuffed Roethlisberger for double points. Gronk is consistently doing well so no surprises there. Josh Brown was in a high scoring game and Peterson is match-up proof. It gets tricky after that. Dion Lewis did have a good week 1 showing, so maybe he expected it to carry forward?  Fitzgerald was projected to score a lot against a poor pass defense, so I sort of get that. As for Travis Benjamin? I’m speechless.


2015 NFL Week 2 Earnings Report

nfl jerseys fit giants com/wp-content/uploads/2014/09/6093690339_a09493f126_z1.jpg” alt=”” width=”560″ height=”280″ />

Overall Cash Game Win Rate Percentage -40%

Initial Deposit for Week 1 – $1000

cheap nfl jerseys “>Total Cash Withdrawal – $0

Starting Bankroll for Week 2 – $1,023

Total Winnings – $179

monster beats by dre wireless monster “>Total Loses – $254

Week 2 Net Profit/Loss – $74

Ending Balance – $949

NFL Week 1 – Top Player Evaluation

sedricOne thing I like to do after all of the games have completed is review actual player and lineup outcomes. It is unclear as to whether or not this will help predict the future performance or lineup building. However, the data may lead to trends over time.  Below you will find two charts; the first chart is the players who actually scored the most FanDuel points in week 1:


Player Pos Team Opp Salary Actual Score Actual Val
Carlos Hyde RB SF vs MIN 7300 31.2 4.3
Julio Jones WR ATL vs PHI 9000 30.6 3.4
Rob Gronkowski TE NE vs PIT 8100 29.9 3.7
DeAndre Hopkins WR HOU vs KC 7800 28.3 3.6
Tom Brady QB NE vs PIT 8400 27.62 3.3
Tyler Eifert TE CIN @ OAK moncler callis c “>5000 26.9 5.4
Carson Palmer QB ARI vs NO 7700 25.68 3.3
Travis Kelce TE KC @ HOU 6000 25.6 4.3
Austin Seferian-Jenkins TE TB vs TEN 4700 25.5 5.4
Matt Forte RB CHI vs GB 8800 25.1 2.9
Marcus Mariota QB TEN @ TB 7100 24.96 3.5


A few life lessons from this data:

  1. The more expensive players are not necessarily the ones who will get you the most points
  2. The TE position dominated overall for week 1. Perhaps that will change as the WRs get more confident?
  3. The New England stack of Brady to Gronkowski was the stack of the week

Next we look at the top value plays of week 1:

Player Pos Team Opp Salary Actual Score Actual Val
Tyler Eifert TE CIN @ OAK 5000 ugg outlet barstow brisbane “>26.9 5.4
Austin Seferian-Jenkins TE TB vs TEN 4700 25.5 5.4
Carolina DST CAR @ JAC 4800 21 4.4
Carlos Hyde RB SF vs MIN 7300 31.2 4.3
Travis Kelce TE KC @ HOU 6000 25.6 4.3
James Jones WR GB @ CHI 4500 19.1 4.2
Brandon McManus K DEN vs BAL 4500 18 4
New York Jets DST NYJ vs CLE 4400 17 3.9
Jason Witten TE DAL vs NYG 5800 22 3.8
Josh Brown K NYG michael kors cologne clothing “>@ DAL 4500 17 3.8
Denver DST DEN vs BAL 4200 16 3.8


Some players hit over 5x in terms of value, which also put them on the first list. However some thoughts from this list:

  1. The value positions appear to be at the TE, K and Defense.  Perhaps that’s a good place to save money when building lineups?
  2. Either Carlos Hyde is really good all of a sudden or Minnesota is really bad at defending the run?
  3. Defense + Kicker may be another good pairing option (see Denver)
  4. Atlanta was not on the opponent side of either list. Maybe their defense has improved?

The lists above were generated by the “lineup rewind” tool on

Finally, I took a peek at the 1st place entry in my favorite gpp entry, and took note of his lineup. For starters he had 3 people on his list that were less than 1 percent owned amongst 200,000 entries (impressive). In terms of pairings, I see that he took the RB + Defense of San Francisco. He also paired the QB + same team RB, which wouldn’t normally work well, except Jamaal’s single TD, was actually a reception. The lineup scored 201 points in the tournament, which was about 12 points over the next closest person!

  • QB Alex Smith $6,600
    0.6% Owned
    23.22 points
  • RB Jamaal Charles $8,900
    5.6% Owned
    18.8 points
  • RB Carlos Hyde $7,300
    2.2% Owned
    31.2 points
  • WR Julio Jones $9,000
    30.5% Owned
    30.6 points
  • WR Percy Harvin $5,600
    0.5% Owned
    17.3 points
  • WR DeAndre Hopkins $7,800
    3.3% Owned
    28.3 points
  • TE Tyler Eifert $5,000
    4.8% Owned
    26.9 points
  • K Steven Hauschka $5,100
    3.3% Owned
    11 points

  • D San Francisco 49ers $4,600
    0.6% Owned
    14 points


2015 NFL Week 1 Earnings Report

ugg outlet elizabeth nj eagan mn com/wp-content/uploads/2014/09/6093690339_a09493f126_z1.jpg” alt=”” width=”560″ height=”280″ />

Overall Cash Game Win Rate Percentage -62%

Initial Deposit for Week 1 – $1000

nfl jerseys discount denver broncos “>Total Cash Withdrawal – $0

Starting Bankroll for Week 1 – $1,000

Total Winnings – $248

michael kors b pop ap 1311 “>Total Loses – $225

Week 17 Net Profit/Loss – $23

monster beats earbuds repair earbuds fake “

FanDuel Budget Bargains – Week 1

IMG_0303My goal in writing these Budget Bargain articles is to help provide some insight on salary relief when building your lineups. These picks are from my own research as well as getting views from other articles. I cannot guarantee any of these players will perform the way I think they could perform.

Position Price Tier
QB $7900 & Under
RB $7000 & Under
WR $7000 & Under
TE $5000 & Under



Tyrod Taylor – BUF – $5000

Let’s be real! Taylor is a new starting QB and he is going to have many turnovers. I’m guessing three. But new QB’s love to run and with Taylor’s speed, he can run a long way. But, Taylor also has a pretty good arm and with Sammy Watkins to throw to, he should be able to give you some points through the air.

Projection: 14-16 points

Alex Smith – KC – $6600

I know what everyone is going to say, “Alex Smith sucks and doesn’t throw the ball”. Well this pick is going to be based on Travis Kelce. Smith loved throwing the ball to Kelce last season and if he plays Sunday, it will only help Smith’s passing game. KC also picked up Jeremy Maclin to help down the field. With short passes to Charles and Kelce, and some long passes to Maclin, I think Smith could give you some decent numbers. a michael kors bag sac a main

Projection: 15-17 points

Sam Bradford – PHI – $7500

I think everyone and their mothers will be jumping on the Bradford train this week, and with the Vegas projections, they have every right. Hell, I have him in a couple of my lineups. But if you’re looking to take first place in a GPP, you might want to consider picking players with less usage.

Projection: 17-19 points

Carson Palmer – ARI – $7700

Here is my alternative to Bradford. Carson Palmer is back and ready to toss that pigskin in the air. Arizona loves to throw the ball and Palmer has all of his boys back. Last year when Palmer was healthy, he was averaging 19 fantasy points and I think you can expect around the same against the Saints.

Projection: 17-19 points



Alfred Blue – HOU – $5600

Blue is expected to take over until Foster is back. As the starting RB, I can see Blue getting at least 2x at his price point. He will be low owned and will allow you to spend up at other positions.

Projection: 10-12 points

Chris Ivory – NYJ – $6400

Born and raised in NH, I am a huge Pats fan (I can already hear all the boo’s) and this pick kills me. But Ivory is the main RB for the Jets and though Powell will see some snaps, Ivory will get the bulk. I know Vegas has projected this game to be a close, low scoring game, however, I think the Jets will be ahead in this game and what do team do in a close game in the 4th quarter? That’s right! They run the ball.

Projection: 11-13 points

Doug Martin – TB – $6900

Doug Martin is back and better than ever. ugg outlet online atlanta Or at least we hope he is better than ever. Martin had an amazing rookie season but his last couple years have been a bust. So far this preseason, he has shown signs that he can play like a rookie again. With a rookie QB, I see Martin taking his leadership, his talent and his strength to the end zone a lot this year as long as he can stay healthy.

Projection: 10-12 points



Eddie Royal – CHI – $5000

This pick is based on Alshon Jeffery sitting the weekend. Royal is a good WR and with Brandon Marshall out of Chicago, Cutler has limited options to throw to. Look for Jeffery and Bennett to get most of the looks but if Jeffery sits, Royal will be next in line. At $5000 on FD, that will give you plenty of options in your lineup.

Projection: 10-12 points

Davante Adams – GB -$5500

Davante Adams has been a hot name since Nelson’s injury. At $5500, I expect everyone and their mother, father, brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles and cousins to play Adams. Like Bradford, I have him in a couple of my lineups but in order to take down a 1st place tournament; you need to find the low owned players.

Projection: 11-13 points

Nelson Agholor – PHI – $5500

I think Nelson Agholor is a great alternative to Adams. Most people will go after Matthews since Agholor is an unproven rookie, cheap nfl jerseys paypal jerseys stitched but I can see him getting double-digit targets with Philadelphia’s offense.

Projection: 10-12 points

Charles Johnson – MIN – $5600

Johnson is kind of a wild card, but I like that about him. He was very productive after taking over the starting WR spot at the end of last season. He is also a deep ball threat and Bridgewater has a pretty good deep ball toss.

Projection: 9-11 points

John Brown – ARI – $6000

Michael Floyd could be sitting out Sunday with sprained fingers. If this is the case, look for Brown to step in to his shoes. He might not be the safest play but if he is on his game, Palmer could toss the ball deep to him and could be a high fantasy scorer.

Projection: 9-11 points

Jordan Matthews – PHI – $6800

Matthews is listed as WR1, so look for him to get a lot of targets from Bradford. Philadelphia has a fast paced offense and Vegas have this game to be the highest scoring game, so look for Matthews to put up some big fantasy numbers.

Projection: 11-13 points



Austin Seferian-Jenkins – TB – $4700

Most players out there will overlook Jenkins. He didn’t have a great season last year, but that was mostly due to Tampa’s QB situation. With Winston under center, Jenkins should see a much bigger role in this offense, especially with his talent.

Projection: 6-8 points

Tyler Eifert – CIN – $5000

Eifert’s injuries last season will hopefully cause people to overlook him. He is pretty much the number 2 passing option in the Bangles offense, so if he can stay healthy, I see big things coming from Eifert.

Projection: 7-9 points

2015 NFL Week One Nitty Gritty

tie pix2 (1)2015 Week 1 Nitty Gritty

By Christopher Lauer

With all the court hearings, drama, and offseason shenanigans, it felt as if actual football would never return. Like the sun shines, September brings football, thank God! I have missed every piece of it. The bad calls, the big hits, the one handed catches, and of course Daily Fantasy.  This is my second season writing about daily fantasy sports. Last year I finished the season with about $3,000 in winnings from playing FanDuel, Daily Fantasy Football. I attribute most of my success to the information that my good friend Paul provides with a membership to

That being said I am ready to get into what I like to call the Nitty Gritty. This is where I take a minute to write about several players for the week, nfl jerseys reddit for sale near me that I will be using in various line ups.  Like anything in life, things can go wrong, but making the predictions is the fun part. It is even better when you have more data to help you reach these conclusions. I am a big Matthew Berry fan, and he always says you can use to the data to tell whatever story you want, and at the end of the day, these are just my opinions. I am not paid, and do not consider myself a professional in this arena. I enjoy DFS, and I enjoy writing these articles. It mostly helps me to finalize my decisions as I process data for the article. Please also remember week 1 is the hardest, as we have so little data on team’s actual production

Week 1 QB – Aaron Rodgers Projecting 24.5 points @ $9700 – I hope you all read Sedric’s article about pairing your QB with a WR/TE as a way to jack up your scoring on DFS. We all know Aaron Rodgers is a stud, and it is the season opener, in a ‘rivalry’ game, against a not so good Bears team. Paul agrees that this may be the week to fork out some cash on your QB.  If you are hoping to get a bargain bin QB and load up elsewhere, Bills QB Tyrod Taylor is dirt cheap, michael kors boots bracelet and  you should be able to make up for scoring elsewhere if you choose to go that route.

Week 1 RB- Jeremy Hill Projecting 21.5 points @ $8600 – Jeremy Hill destroyed the second half of the season last year. Hill (and Lacy) was at the top of my seasonal draft list this year. Jeremy hill was the 6th best fantasy running back from week eight of last season on. Hill averaged more than five yards per carry since mid-season his rookie year.  When you combine that with the fact he is facing what is projected to be the worst defense in the league, and a little more experience, I think Hill is poised to step out week one and make an impact. I am not saying don’t use Lacy, because he is in some of my line ups too, but Hill is my number one this week.

Week 1 WR – Davante Adams Projecting 15 points @ $5500 –  As a GB fan, I was crushed to see Nelson go down. Then my very next feeling was ecstatic, I drafted Davante Adams for my seasonal league. Then I saw that his FanDuel price was posted before the injury. I do believe that Cobb can fill the Nelson Role, and Adams can fill the Cobb Role. Cobb finished last season with almost 1,300 yards, and 12 TD’s. The Bears Defense is not particularly strong, especially not in the secondary. monster beats studio wireless by dre I think 15 is a low projection, and I could see Adams in the 18+ range.

Week 1 TE – Dwayne Allen Projecting 12+ points @ $5400 – Dwayne Allen is a touchdown machine. He had at least three targets in ten games last year, and scored eight touchdowns. With Coby Fleener coming off an  injury and his status still not decided for week one, I think Allen is a decent option. I think his projections are a little low, and I know the Bills Defense is scary but I trust that Luck will get it down there, and I think Allen will fall in the red zone.

Week 1 Defense – New York Jets @ $4400 – The Jets have a solid unit, especially with the return of Revis. I also like cheap defenses, at home, against mediocre offenses. Not much else to say.


Best of Luck to you all this week! I hope my article either helped you reach your own conclusions, or gave you some ideas you may not have had. #GoPackGo


Pairing – Maximizing your scoring potential in Fanduel

sedricWhen building lineups, you have 9 spots to fill. Ideally, you will find the top scoring player in each position and place that person in your lineup. It turns out that this is extremely hard to accomplish for all 9 player slots. However it may not be extremely difficult to find one or two of the top performers in a given week.  If you are lucky enough to get the top WR play in your lineup, you can potentially lock in a 2nd slot on your team by use of pairing. Someone has to pass the ball to your WR, right? (unless there is some fluke where he runs all of his touchdowns that week 🙂 )

Pairing allows you to take one successful player and fill two spots in your lineup with productive players when done properly. For example, if your WR is to  catch 10 passes for 200 yards and 2 tds, it is likely that the quarterback has passed for at least 200 yards and 2 tds in that game in addition to the productivity that other receiving options may have tallied. Quarterback pairing to his favorite tight end or wide receiver is the most common form of pairing, and therefore this is not the only reason for my post today.  I wanted to discuss some other forms of pairing that can also maximize your scoring potential if you find the right pairs.

1st: The double stack

This one takes some luck but there have been cases where 2 receivers end up catching either a lot of tds or lots of yardage in a game. I very rarely even attempt this method because you are essentially ‘all in’. Matt Ryan to Julio Jones + Roddy White would be an example. Joe Flacco to Steve Smith and Torey Smith worked out for one of the top tournament winners last year. Perhaps this is something you try only in gpp mode where you are sure the QB will air it out (and in the case where the QB has 2 specific receivers who tend to take majority of the catches). monster-beats-earbuds-review-lawsuit

2nd: RB paired with his defense

The idea behind this pairing is that you find your defense and believe that they will control the ball and the game by running the clock out. If they are successful in doing so, the RB gets his yards and the other team doesnt score as often because the RB continues to run the ball with success, gathering yardage (and hopefully a TD or two). Vegas odds can help make this pairing work. I like this option for gpps as well, as long as the opponent has a hard time stopping the run in a low scoring game.

3rd: RB paired with the opponent’s QB

This is a rare pairing option that will work in some game situations. I like this pairing if two conditions are met. First the game scoring must be a high scoring game. Then I like this when the opponent’s weakness appears to be the strength of your position in both cases. For example, Baltimore is typically good at stopping the run but weak against the pass. On the flip side, Atlanta was terrible against the run (and pass actually). Baltimore happens to have a strong RB in Forsett, so playing Forsett against Atlanta could make sense (especially if Atlanta were better against the pass).  Atlanta may not have a strong run game, but they do have passing options, so it would make sense for Matt Ryan to throw the ball well against Baltimore. Note that this pairing is only good if this turns into a shootout game, because that would indicate that Forsett is getting good runs/scores and not just running out the clock. It is somewhat a gpp only play.

Negative pairing

There are also cases where pairing the incorrect players can essentially lower your ceiling. ugg outlet braeside black friday sales QB and Kicker on the same team is an example where you limit your upside because when the QB does well, your Kicker only gets 1 point for extra points and vice versa. An offensive player paired with the opposing team’s defense is also bad in general as both typically don’t have great games at the same time.

Week 1 pairing

I took a real example of a lineup that I may put in a few gpps where I constructed the lineup using last year’s data. (note this is really a bad idea to base solely on last year’s data, but this was done for proof of concept at the time of this post).


  • QB
    D. Brees
  • RB
    A. Ellington
  • RB
    C. Ivory
  • WR
    M. Colston
  • WR
    J. Jones
  • WR
    V. Jackson
  • TE
    G. Olsen
  • K
    R. Succop
  • D


  1. I started with my defense based on the match up and vegas odds showing this as the lowest scoring game. If Cleveland scores, they shouldn’t do it often. Cleveland was bad against the run last year (like next to last place) so I figure the Jets may try to run the ball. I just hope Ivory turns out to be the primary ball carrier for the Jets this game.
  2.  I decided to pair Ellington to Brees (opposite teams). Ellington may get ground and air yardage against New Orleans poor run defense. This is one of the higher scoring games according to vegas odds so I am hoping that Brees retaliates in the air, as Arizona is good against the run.
  3. If Brees is successful, he may find his tight end most often as that is the main weakness in the Arizona pass defense. However I couldn’t determine who the top TE is, so I opted to pair with the WR with the best chance of making plays – Colston. I may be wrong as Brandon Cooks is talented, but based on last year’s numbers, the WR1 vs WR2 shows Colston has having the least resistance.
  4. For remaining players who were not paired, I simply found the players who had the best match up based on last year’s defensive stats. As the year goes on, this will make more sense as our stats will be updated. Paul’s weekly spreadsheets will also make it easier to find these holes as well.

Is there any hope for New Players in Daily Fantasy Basketball – Part 2

3299956469_15d11643ff_bFive Days ago on February 25th 2015, I wrote an article about whether there is hope for new players in Daily Fantasy Basketball and I had a lot of responses from readers about their experiences and how they felt about what I said.

You can go read that article here

Today I wanted to write a quick follow up to that article and share with everyone my recent NBA GPP Win using the strategy I see the pros using to take down all these tournaments.

Last night on Sunday March 1st 2015, I won the $35K Sun NBA Layup by placing 1st & 2nd and other places for a total winnings of $6,305.00.

Here is a link to the Leader Board

nfl jerseys game vs elite green bay” target=”_blank”>


­It was the first GPP I have played in since writing the article much to my surprise.

I had been watching the $200 Monster GPP and I kept seeing Ganondorf (my favorite DFS Pro) put 40 lineups in that tournament.

He invested $8000 in the tournament and cashed around $22,000.

After having seen him do this a couple times I decided I would try to copycat the strategy but just at the $5 level due to not having $8000 to blow.

So what I did was swallow my pride and start looking at this game from a macro perspective and not the micro perspective.

My pride comes from wanting to be right about picks so I dig deep into the stats to find hidden gold and try to make one unbeatable optimum lineup.

However, ugg outlet atlanta ga a roma I have begun to realize that much of the success the pros have are not because of the supreme skill of picking players but the overall game plan they implement to give themselves the best chances of winning on a nightly basis.

So I did my normal research that I do every day but I decided instead of getting in the $200 Monster or the $2 Shot, I would pick a smaller GPP and invest $250 in the Five Dollar $35K Sun NBA Layup.

nba_trophy_luThe $250 investment gave me (50) $5 lineups where I made 25 unique lineups and double each of those up.

I took the recommendations from Rotogrinders and from my own research and entered them into the Tournament.

As I suspected from watching the pros, around a third of the lineups were above the cashing point pretty much all day but it was only until half time of the last game between Denver and New Orleans did I realize I had a real shot at taking the whole thing down.

I had Omer Asik and Will Barton (never heard of Will until that day) and all the other players competing for first had Omer or Will but I had both!

I knew that if ever got out in the lead it was all over….

So I was hoping that Will Barton could get 10 more points to get me ahead of a few guys that had Omer and Omer to get another 20 points to win it all for me. monster beats dr dre studio docking station

However much to my pleasure Will Barton put up 20 more points breaking the 30 point mark and Omer put up 15 to put me squarely in the lead with little to worry about.

My research of the pros bore fruit and validated my observations I wrote about a few days earlier.

So my take a ways from the win are these:

1)                  In Tournaments, you want as many combinations of your guys as you can afford

2)                  You need to roster guys you think will not be highly owned but have high upside

3)                  Pay up for your guards

4)                  Find value with your Bigs unless you have one that obviously could go off for 50 points

5)                  Double up your lineups to maximize your winnings

So to conclude, maybe there is hope for new players finding success but maybe we need to change our perception of what we think are the only ways to win.

Much like new poker players having a misconception of Tells in Poker maybe we DFS player have a misconception of Player Selection as the BE all End All and don’t focus enough on our overall game plan of attack.

I am going to continue to try this GPP strategy out and see if I can continue to find success. However, I still would love to have a group of hundreds of players all beginners learning how to play cash games but Fanduel doesn’t give us enough information to make sure players truly are beginners.

Maybe one day more players will flood the sites and it will be easier to find players at our level but until then I will continue to build my community and play these GPP’s during the off season until Football Returns!

Special Thanks to Bradd Kaufman for sharing some tips in the Facebook group as they were enlightening and helped tremendously!

Good Luck in your Line ups!

Is there any Hope for New Players in Daily Fantasy Basketball

3299956469_15d11643ff_bI want to talk to you about something I think might be of great value to everyone.

I have been studying the landscape of Fanduel during the NBA and I have seen some issues that players have been complaining about and I want to address them.

On Rotogrinders, it’s common to hear people say that there is no edge in fantasy basketball.

I hear Dan Back and other pros say that there is but they don’t explain very well what it is or how much of an edge there is to gain.

I can understand Rotogrinder’s position because in essence players are complaining that Rotogrinders is destroying the edge for everyone because they are giving away most of the great plays every day.

Rotogrinders makes its money from referrals and their Incentives so it is important that they give away all these plays to showcase their ability to make us better players.

I have heard so many people tout that NBA is more predictable than NFL like that is a good thing. I think it’s a bad thing because if it’s that predictable than naturally there is going to be less edge because the best plays are more obvious than other sports. Yes its easier for us but its easier for everyone else as well.

However, there are things the pros know that do give them a little edge over everyone else. I just believe that most of the edge they have comes with using bankroll and work ethic as a weapon more than it does to having more skill picking players.

I have been monitoring a few of the big players like Ganondorf and McJester and 00_oreo_00 and the common thing I see is that although they are skillfully picking players, I don’t see them have a lot of under owned players significantly more than we do.

They are playing the same guys we are playing but normally you see them in at the top of the tournaments because they have the right “combination” of these players.

If they were seeing plays that we simply were not seeing based on stats and other factors, you would think that they would be playing guys that are scoring big numbers and are virtually not owned.

The only pro I see that I have been monitoring trying to do that is Ganondorf who isn’t afraid to play some iffy plays and sometimes it works but not consistently enough for me to think it some secret method for finding under owned great plays.

However what these guys do have are huge bankrolls and a great work effort because they are picking a core set of plays of the night and building 20 – 50 different combinations around those plays.

In essence they are using their bankroll and willingness to work to build as many combinations of lineups around a core set of plays as possible and hitting on the right combinations more frequently than us because they have more opportunity to do so.

It’s a lot of work and it requires a nice size bankroll to pull off. I have tried this myself and I can attest that it’s a lot of work plus with the nature of nba and late scratches, it get complicated when guys get scratched late.

I’m not saying these guys are not skilled and only using their money to win but I am saying that the reason they are constantly on top of the Leaderboards of these tournaments are because they have resources to give them enough hired guns to win these GPP gun fights.

moncler barbel brand “>When you enter only one lineup into a Multi-Entry GPP it’s like bringing a knife to a gun fight, you are just going to lose.

Comparison between Fantasy Football and Fantasy Basketball

Now in Football, I found that if you entered into the $200 monster you got a lot of benefits such as a smaller pool of players usually in the 2666 range.

There is plenty of money to win ($50,000 to first) and the cutoff score was significantly lower than the cheaper GPPs with a $300 pay day for qualifying.

Usually the cutoff is around 15 – 20 points lower and in basketball terms that would be 60 -75 points lower which is a huge difference.5450386798_82cb434a4b_z

So I figured maybe this was the case in NBA so I played a few times in the $200 NBA Monster and I quickly found out that this was not the case.

Believe it or not it is actually easier to cash in the $2 slam with 86,000+ entries than in the 640 entry monster on some or even most nights.

There is a site called that allows you to go check all the GPP’s for scoring so when you go back and compare, a lot of nights the cashing point is higher for the monster than the $2 Shot. So it is not easier to cash in the more expensive and smaller sized $200 GPP than the 1$ or $2 GPPs.

The reason for this is that if you check the entry profiles for the monster you will see that it is a DFS Murderer’s Row of Sharks without the healthy infusion of non-sharks to swell the numbers and lower the concentration of pros. The best NBA DFS players are all in that tournament as well as the $535 and $1080 GPP that Fanduel offers.

The sharks knowing this as well are throwing a couple hundred dollars’ worth of entries into the $1 and $2 GPPs so no matter where you play there is an over saturation of Pros that lends to inconsistent winning for beginners and intermediate players who are trying to stick in there.

If I was guessing the percentage of DFS Beginners, Poor Players, Intermediate and Pros (Sharks) it would be something like this:

(15%   Beginners )    (15%   Poor Players)    (40%   Intermediate)      (30% Sharks (Pros))

In other words you have 70% of the field are good to great players cannibalizing on themselves and feasting on the 30% of beginning/poor players.

73117332_c88df6987b_zThe even more alarming thing about this is that unlike in poker, a DFS player can multiply him/herself easily because it does not require in-game play such as with poker.

For you poker players, michael kors digital watch discount imagine if you went into a poker room and there were 50 Phil Iveys sitting at various tables in the same poker tournament.

You would run from that room as fast as your wallet would let you.

In comparison, Fantasy football is so huge that I think the percentages are something like this

(10% Beginners)    (35% Poor Players)    (35% Intermediate)    (20%   Sharks (Pros))

Plus the overall pool of Fantasy Football Players is probably 5 times or more as big as any other sport. So while you may be swimming in shark infested waters, there are so many fish, you can still survive in those waters until you become a shark yourself.

I feel like the percentages for the NBA are the way they are because the overall pool of players for the sport is significantly smaller than Football and most beginning players get dominated early and then leave.

Most of us are Fantasy Football players who are giving fantasy basketball a shot but after about two months of play you get tired of donating money to the sharks (pros). I know I am sick of it but I don’t mind paying dues if I felt like there was rich reward on the other end. I come from the poker world and I know all about paying dues but it is clear in poker or even daily fantasy football that if you put in the work you can go pro and make a living from it.

The guys that are passionate about Fantasy Basketball have stuck with it and have been playing for years in season long leagues, won a GPP early or already had a big bankroll when starting. So we now have a very large pool of sharks and intermediate players compared to other categories in DFS.

Right now I feel like playing GPPs are our only real shot at making money because of the Cash game environment that exist which lead me to the GPPs to start with. However, cashing GPP’s consistently with sharks or no sharks is extremely difficult to do. There are huge swings in money and if you don’t have a bankroll that can withstand them you won’t be playing long anyways.

Plus if you are a beginner, having these elongated streaks of losing due to the nature of trying to finish in the top 18% every night is not helping to build the confidence needed to want to continue and it hard to tell if you are getting better to boot.

So that leads us back to cash games as a daily form of play.

The Cash Game Landscape

Here is what I have run into as I have tried to play cash games.

I like to play head to heads games and/or 3 to 5 man leagues at the $10, $25, $50 and even $100 level so I can quickly build a bankroll (meaning not taking 5 years to do it).

6757860435_e0d0defc90_zI think these games are the best way to build a bankroll of all games. ugg outlet edinburgh england

I know there are 50/50s and double ups but have you tried playing those in the NBA.

What you have in the double ups are sharks playing trains of 5, 10 or even 20 of the same lineup and that can quickly squeeze you out of cashing if you aren’t putting up extremely GPP like high scores.

50/50’s are just as hard because you have smaller fields than you do in football with enough sharks and intermediate players to make cashing hard to do.

However, here is the problem you run into when trying to play H2H and 3 Man Leagues games as it stands today.

There are so many sharks out there that they are concentrated down even in the $2, $5 and $10 levels for leagues and Head2Heads. So it is hard to play people at your skill level without these guys getting in the games.

I even see people posting H2H and League games asking for beginners only.

Of course when you check the entry profiles, the sharks are still getting in these games because they see easy money and shamelessly enter them.

So what I thought would be a new project for our community to do is to build a new Facebook group where its invite only but the requirement is that you can’t get in unless you have less than 2,000 wins in the NBA/MLB.

The idea is that I think it would be a better experience for us beginners if we had a place we could post our private games h2h and league games where we could vet our opponents and know they are not sharks at least at time they joined the group.

As time goes on players may become sharks but at least they started at the same place we did at the same time.

It is not cool that I can’t post a $25, $50 or $100 game without a DFS Shark swooping in.

I would like to have a realistic chance of winning while I learn while at the same time be able to build a bankroll quickly without having put up GPP Scores to win.

Just imagine if we had 100 or 200 Beginning players posting private H2H games or 3 man leagues in a Facebook group where you know every player is at your level of experience instead of looking in Fanduel and seeing 95% of the games posted are from sharks.

And the few games that beginners post have sharks getting in.

I would like to put together a team of people to use Rotogrinders to find beginning players who would see such a group as a great way to get on level playing ground for cash games and invite them to join our private group to post private games.

I would love to hear your opinions as well or hear what you are experiencing as you learn the NBA. If you are one of my subscribers you can either post a response in the Facebook group, email me at paulroberson (at) and let me know what you think about the idea.


Week 17 Fanduel Earnings Report

Overall Cash Game Win Rate Percentage -66%

Initial Deposit for Week 1 – $150.00

ugg outlet aurora albertville “>Total Cash Withdrawal – $0

Starting Bankroll for Week 17 – $860.25

Total Winnings – $430.50

Total Loses – $157

Week 17 Net Profit/Loss – $273. monster beats bluetooth by dre beatbox 50

Ending Balance – $1,133.75


GPP Tournaments

GPP Deposits – $1200

ugg outlet box hill boston “>Total GPP Cash Withdrawals – $700

Transferred to Cash Game Budget – $389.xx

Starting Bankroll for Week 17 – $0

Total GPP Winnings – x

Total GPP Losses – x

Week 17 Net Profit/Loss – x

Ending Balance – x

Guaranteed To Win!

tie pix2 (1)Guaranteed To Win Season Finale!

By Chris Lauer

Many of you may have noticed, I didn’t do my normal NFL hat trick of articles this week. With the Holidays and other stuff this week, I just was not able to and I apologize!

I know that many of you, like me, become accustomed to reviewing our materials on a regiment or routine.

I feel honored if my articles are a part of your DFS regimen, and I am sorry if I threw off your groove this week.

I will be honest, I have been working extremely hard on NBA studies, creating NBA spreadsheets, and learning about how the best NBA-DFS’ers do it. I have done well, and will continue to post these articles and hopefully can help you all win big money GPP’s.

However, this is not NBA time! This is knuckle up and Hoody-Hoo time! It is going to be tough, as Paul Roberson explained in his weekly video, some teams will not be following their regimen this week for competition. A few teams already locked up their playoff home game, and have no chance of losing it, so they will likely rest players. There are teams who have no shot at the playoffs, and have injured star players who would normally play, sit out to avoid further damage. You also will have a few teams, win and get in or lose and go home. Finally, a few teams are trying to lock up home playoff games, as opposed to just a playoff game.

These last two categories of game style, are the games you want to target players from this week. This is a list of the games I am targeting players from, and some interesting stats on the matchup which will hint at what players I am taking!

San Diego At Kansas City – O/U – 41 KC-1

  • San Diego – allowing 21. ugg outlet canada camarillo ca 9  pts/game ; 26th vs. run; 22nd vs WR (last 3 weeks)
    • Rivers could be a decent play, Gates, maybe Royal as Keenan Allen will be out, But otherwise, there are better options in my opinion.
  • KC- 3rd fewest points allowed; 28th vs. run: 21st vs. WR(last 3 weeks)
    • KC is missing Alex Smith this week. They also have to win, and have some cards fall their way but could make it so I imagine a heavy run dose, and some normal short KC passes, so possibly Kelce.

Cincinnati At Pittsburgh – O/U 47.5 PIT-3.5

  • Pitt – 20th ranked D; 32nd vs WR (last 3 weeks) and 28th vs QB (last 3 weeks)
    • Le’Veon Bell, Big Ben, Antonio Brown, possibly even Martavis Bryant / Heath Miller.. Do I need to explain?
  • Cinci- Top Ten in points allowed; 28th vs. RB (season),24th vs. RB(last 3 weeks); 24th vs. WR(last 3 weeks)
    • Jeremy Hill has proven himself a stud, and while Andy Dalton has had a primetime win recently, I am not convinced this moment won’t be too big for him!

Atlanta At Carolina- O/U 47.5 ATL-3.5

  • ATL- Worst overall Defense; Improved Run D, however they are allowing a lot of points to all O/P’s (QB,RB,WR,TE)
    • Carolina’s defense is performing well recently, moncler sale hat but I would still recommend M. Ryan, J. Jones, Maybe R. White / H. Douglas. RB S. Jackson, not likely to play.
  • CAR – allowing 12th most points / game; ranked 10th Defense overall.
    • I see big games a’comin from Cam, J. Stewart, and G. Olsen.

Detroit At Green Bay – O/U 47 GB-7.5

  • DET- 2nd overall ranked D; 2nd fewest points allowed; 2nd most interceptions in league
    • Ring the Bell! Joique Bell that is. Despite the out of nowhere game from Bush, I think the key for Detroit is to try and keep Rodgers off the field, and given GB’s rush D, I see Bell Ringing up 100 yards and a TD ( hopefully in a loss to my beloved Packers)
  • GB – 12th overall D; 22nd vs. run; 6th most interceptions; Best Turnover ratio +15
    • Oh Yeah! GB has NOT lost at Lambeau Field all year! Besides that, and the studdery of the Green Bay Offense, I don’t think I need to explain much more why I like these guys!

My NFL Picks (for these games only)

Green Bay Packers -7.5

Carolina +3.5

Pittsburgh -3.5

San Diego + 1 ( I would pass this game, as I am not terribly confident but if I had to take a team, I am going with Rivers, one of the best QB’s in December! cheap nfl jerseys china jerseys re )

My Top Plays:

I apologize, I won’t be going into the normal depth of analysis on each player I just do not have time this week. However if you haven’t already, I urge all of you register for The NFL Boards, and soon to be NBA Boards. Paul Roberson’s boards not only helped me improve my DFS skills, but also cut out hours of research each week.  ( I just spent that time researching additional stats, but it may actually take the studying off your plate!)  If you are planning on playing any daily fantasy games, NFL playoffs, NBA, or MLB; You really should consider purchasing the boards!


My Top QB: Big Ben / Cam Newton

Top RB: Jeremy Hill / Joique Bell

Top WR: Odell Beckham Jr. ( Matchup+Stud), J. Nelson, A. Brown, M. Sanu ( I think Green has a torn bicep, although not admitting it, he may be a decoy on field), J. Jones, played well through injury last week, I wouldn’t see why he is not capable of doing so again this week.

Top TE: Greg Olsen

Thank you all for reading my articles throughout the second half of the NFL season this year. I couldn’t be more grateful to every one of you has liked, read, shared, or commented on my articles. I really appreciate it, and hope that I am able to continue to entertain you all with great sports articles. I also hope to continue to provide quality daily fantasy information that is well researched, and will hopefully help you win $Money$

Please Follow me on Twitter! Even though I may not do any additional NFL articles through the playoffs, I will be tweeting out some stats and info on good player matchups! Get all the links to all my articles on this site, and other fantasy sports sites!

michael kors d ring dress rose gold c

NBA DFS 12.26.14


tie pix2 (1)By Chris Lauer

Thank you all for continuing down this NBA journey with us! I hope that my beginner level research and stats have started you down the right direction toward what you need to know to become NBA DFS Monsters!

Again, I do not profess expertise in any aspect of  life, especially not NBA DFS! I did however, do rather well on Christmas! It was more than enough to recoup my losses earlier in the week, and then some! I have started to notice, I have better success in late night entries for some odd reason, as well as I have an extremely high win rate of H2H’s.

I constructed a 329 point+ NBA monster line up that landed me 20th place in a 5k + entry GPP, 236th place in a 68k+ entry GPP, and won in every 50/50 & H2H matchup needless to say. I also had several line ups in the 250-290 range that also won. I even won a 50/50 with an entry that scored 227.2 points! However, that line up didn’t win anywhere else!


I urge you to do minimal GPP entries until you gain understanding of the game. I generally do mostly 50/50’s & H2H’s in NBA, and then enter my line ups in 1-2 Cheap GPP’s, in case it is a monster! I generally have been doing 4-8 line ups, and entering them all in 3-7 50/50 contests, generally $1-2 entries.

I continue to spend time researching players, and have not yet determined the most helpful stats, but several people enjoyed my first article on NBA so I did a mini board, with Team Vs. Position, Games (o/u’s & spread), and some of the top scoring players, that I like! again, be sure to check your players close to game time.

Here is some info for Today, Friday December 26th 2014

Team Vs. Position VS C Vs PF Vs SF Vs SG Vs PG
Dallas 1 10 5 11 21
OKC 25 22 8 10 9
Blazers 14 3 19 19 3
Philly 29 26 25 26 13
Charlotte 12 29 28 6 23
Cavaliers 27 13 1 28 18
Magic 18 20 20 22 28
Milwaukee 24 16 12 20 10
Atlanta 13 8 10 13 5
Phoenix 30 9 11 5 7
Sacramento 5 28 2 25 22
Houston 22 24 16 1 17
Memphis 2 4 22 18 8
Minnesota 26 30 18 17 27
Denver 23 17 7 27 16
Brooklyn 10 15 23 16 14
Boston 11 14 13 15 12
Lakers 28 12 21 14 29
Indiana 8 5 26 23 21
Detroit 6 25 27 29 24
San Antonio 3 27 6 3 11
New Orleans 20 1 29 21 19

Here is the outlook on the games:
Brooklyn@Boston 201 BOS-2.5
Cleveland@Orlando 196 CLE-4
Bucks@Hawks 206 ATL-8.5
Pacers@Pistons 193.5 IND-2.5
Rockets@Grizzlies 194.5 MEM-2.5
Spurs@Pelicans 201.5 NOR-3.5
Hornets@OKC 195.5 OKC -6.5
Lakers@Dallas 216 DAL-14
MIN@Denver 211 DEN-10.5
76’ers@Portland 199 POR-14
PHO@Sac.Kings 213.5 PHX-1.5

Here are the highest scoring players over the last week(Game Avg)

Player Position Min. Ast. Points
Westbrook, Russ PG 36. a michael kors bag sac a main 3 8.8 33.5
Lillard, Damian PG 39.8 6.8 29.5
Walker, Kemba PG 34.3 6 23.8
Irving, Kyrie PG 39 5.5 21.8
Knight, Brandon PG 30.5 5 21
Conley, Mike PG 29.7 3.7 20
Williams, Michael-c PG 36.7 7 18.3
Lawson, Ty PG 37 9.3 18
Parker, Tony PG 30.5 4.5 18
Jackson, reggie PG 32.5 4.5 17.8
Dragic, Goran PG 33.7 3.3 17
Jack, Jarrett PG 36 7 15
Jennings, Brandon PG 29.5 3 15
Watson, C.J PG 28 4 9.8
Bradley, Avery PG 32 5.3 12.7
Rondo, Rajon PG 32.7 5.7 10.7
Schroeder, Dennis PG 28.3 5.3 11.7

SG’s (some of the players come up in multiple sections, I did my best not to repeat in multiple sections and list them in the section that best fits that player.

Player Position Min. Points Column1
Harden, James SG 35.5 31
Ellis, Monta SG 37 23.7
Johnson, Joe SG 36.7 23
Caldwell-pope SG 30 19
Miles, c.j. SG 30.3 18.3
Korver, Kyle SG 35.3 18
McLemore SG 35.5 17
Green, Danny SG 34 16.7
Casspi, moncler egide emilien Omri SG 29 16
Matthews, Wesley SG 35 15.3
Fournier, Evan SG 32.3 14.7
Thomas, Isaiah SG 28 14.7
Ginobili, Manu SG 27.3 13.7
Young, Nick SG 22.5 13.5
Dudley , Jared SG 29.5 13
Waiters, Dion SG 22.5 13
Wiggins, Andrew SG 31.7 12.3
Oladipo, Victor SG 35.7 11
Evans, Tyreke SG 31.7 10.7
Afflalo, Aaron SG 35 10
Bledsoe, Ericc PG 33.3 19.3 5.7 AST


Player Position Min. Points
James, LeBron SF 38.3 25.3
Muhammaed, Sh. SF 36 21.7
Harris, Tobias SF 35.3 20
Gay, Rudy SF 37.5 18.5
Carroll, DeMarre SF 36 17.7
Antetokounmp SF 36.5 14.5
henderson, Gerry SF 28 13
budinger, chase SF 24.3 13
Middleton, Khris SF 22 12
Green, Jeff SF 31.3 11.7
Smith, Josh SF 26.5 11.5
Young, Thad SF 30 11.3
Ariza, Trevor SF 36.5 10
Kidd-Gilchrist, M SF 28.5 9.5
Parsons, Chandler SF 30.7 9


Player Position Min. Points
Aldridge, LaMarcus PF 42 28
Cousins, Demarcus PF 33. nfl jerseys cheap authentic dhgate 5 25.5
Duncan, Tim PF 35.7 22.7
Davis, Anthony PF 34 22
Vucevic, Nikola PF 35 17.7
Horford, Al PF 33.3 17
Nowitzki, Dirk PF 30.7 17
West, David PF 30.7 15.3
Ibaka, Serge PF 37 14.8
Millsap PF 34 14.7
Davis, Ed PF 27.3 13.8
Dieng, Gorgui PF 34 13
Boozer, Carlos PF 23.3 13
Mbah a Moute PF 33 12.7
Love, Kevin PF 37.5 12
Johnson, Wesley PF 27 11.8
Faried, Kenneth PF 26.5 11.5
Boris Diaw PF 29.7 11.3
Splitter, Tiago PF 21 11.3
Randolph, Zach PF 22 8
Sullinger, Jared PF 19.7 7.7
Frye, Channing PF 22 7


Player Position Min. Points
Gasol, Marc C 32.3 20
Zeller, Tyler C 26 19.3
Howard, Dwight C 37.5 17.5
Morris, Markieff C 32 13.3
Chandler, Tyson C 34.7 12
Adams, Steven C 30.5 11
Kaman, Chris C 19.3 9.3
Noel, Nerlens C 30.7 6.7
Plumlee, Mason C 34 18
Mozgov, Timofey C 26 6.5



Week 16 Fanduel Earnings Report

Overall Cash Game Win Rate Percentage -100%

Initial Deposit for Week 1 – $150.00

nfl-jerseys-for-dogs-size-chart “>Total Cash Withdrawal – $0

Transferred From GPP Budget – $389.xx

Starting Bankroll for Week 16 – $608.xx

Total Winnings – $269.xx

Total Loses – $17

Week 16 Net Profit/Loss –monster beats studio by dr dre ibeats “> $252.25

Ending Balance – $860.25


GPP Tournaments

moncler diaper bag drake “>GPP Deposits – $1200

Total GPP Cash Withdrawals – $700

Transferred to Cash Game Budget – $389.xx

Starting Bankroll for Week 16 – $0

Total GPP Winnings – x

Total GPP Losses – $

Week 16 Net Profit/Loss – x

moncler outlet shoes “

NBA DFS December 23rd

tie pix2 (1)NBA DFS INFO December 23rd, 2014

By Chris Lauer ( @Clauerr808 )

Welcome again to, and thanks again for reading my articles!

I will be honest and upfront that I am on vacation from my real job that pays the bills, and therefore have a little extra time to work on my hobby; That I hope to expand into a career someday.

As most of you know, I am not an NBA expert, but I do work extremely hard in my research.

One of my goals is to provide this info to you as early as possible so you can make the best decisions, and hopefully create winning line ups!

What is listed below is todays anticipated line ups for the games, thanks to, as well’s Insider Pickcenter, where I got the O/U’s and Spreads.  I did write about some of these teams defense against position yesterday, so feel free to check that out. as well!

Trial and Error: The NBA Experience

Yesterday, I provided my personal player suggestions based on simply on my knowledge of the game, defense against position statistics, and O/U’s as well. A lot of the players I selected were players in big GPP wins. Some of the players I selected flopped. I personally, had about 40 entries yesterday and only won about 25%. These were mostly 50/50’s, I didn’t cash any of the 7 single GPP entries I did.

With those 7 line ups I also did about five 50/50’s each line up. I took a good  sample of seven entries throughout different contests,  and found the average score to reach the pay out zone was 234. nfl jerseys black and white quiz buy 61 . Again, I had a few entries in this area, and I had a few lower scoring entries that got in a lucky pool(227 points to cash, I had 232.9 points in that contest. Still, I took a hit, and am ok with that. I will continue to learn.

Had I not chose to avoid Harden(67 FDP last night, 44 ‘real’ points) and Cousins(40+FDP) due to the GTD tag on them, I may have cashed many more.  I hope you all did well, and I hope you win big tonight!

Checking these line ups, even up to game time is important in NBA DFS. I have had a player who didn’t show as injured, was supposed to play, and your wondering why in the second quarter your stud hasn’t scored? He sat out? I didn’t pay $10k+  for a Zero! So, be sure to do your due diligence, up to game time to avoid as much of this as possible.

Also, if a player is in a late game and is marked GTD (game time decision) you may want to only use that player in later game line ups when it is clear if they are playing or not. This is another way you can accidentally shoot yourself in the foot if you’re not careful!

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and Good Luck NBA-DFS-MONSTERS!

Minnesota Timberwolves at Cleveland Cavaliers
13.5 O/U 207.5 -13.5
Zach LaVine Kyrie Irving
Shabazz Muhammad Mike Miller
Andrew Wiggins LeBron James
Thaddeus Young Kevin Love
Gorgui Dieng Anderson Varejao
Out For Tonight
Nikola Pekovic
Kevin Martin
Ricky Rubio ?
Chicago Bulls michael kors espadrille flats e gift card “>  at Washington Wizards
3 O/U198 -3
Derrick Rose John Wall
Jimmy Butler Bradley Beal
Mike Dunleavy Paul Pierce
Pau Gasol Kris Humphries
Joakim Noah Marcin Gortat
Out For Tonight
Doug McDermott
Martell Webster
Boston Celtics   at Orlando Magic
2 O/U 200.5 -2
Marcus Smart Elfrid Payton
Avery Bradley Victor Oladipo
Jeff Green Tobias Harris
Jared Sullinger Kyle O’Quinn
Tyler Zeller Nikola Vucevic
Out For Tonight
Marcus Thornton
Willie Green
New Orleans Pelicans   at Indiana Pacers
-1.5 193.5 1.5
Jrue Holiday C.J. Watson
Tyreke Evans Rodney Stuckey
Luke Babbitt Solomon Hill
Anthony Davis David West
Omer Asik Roy Hibbert
Out for Tonight
Eric Gordon
George Hill
Ian Mahinmi
Philadelphia 76ers   at Miami Heat
8 O/U191 -8
M. Carter-Williams Norris Cole
Jakarr Sampson Mario Chalmers
Robert Covington Luol Deng
L. Mbah a Moute Shawne Williams
Nerlens Noel Chris Andersen
Out for Tonight
Furkan Aldemir
Hollis Thompson
Chris Bosh
Josh McRoberts
Dwyane Wade
Los Angeles Clippers   at Atlanta Hawks
-1.5 205 1.5
Chris Paul Dennis Schroder
J.J. Redick Kyle Korver
Matt Barnes DeMarre Carroll
Blake Griffin Paul Millsap
DeAndre Jordan Al Horford
out for tonight
Spencer Hawes
Jeff Teague
Golden State Warriors   at Los Angeles Lakers
-9 215. michael kors bedford d15b 5 9
Stephen Curry Ronnie Price
Klay Thompson Kobe Bryant
Harrison Barnes Wesley Johnson
Draymond Green Ed Davis
Festus Ezeli Jordan Hill
out for tonight
Andrew Bogut
Xavier Henry
Ryan Kelly
Dallas Mavericks   at Phoenix Suns
1.5 213.5 -1.5
Rajon Rondo Goran Dragic
Monta Ellis Eric Bledsoe
Chandler Parsons P.J. Tucker
Dirk Nowitzki Markieff Morris
Tyson Chandler Alex Len
out for tonight
Raymond Felton??
Charlotte Hornets   at Milwaukee Bucks
5.5 O/U 197.5 -5.5
Kemba Walker Brandon Knight
Gerald Henderson O.J. Mayo
M. Kidd-Gilchrist G. Antetokounmpo
Cody Zeller Johnny O’Bryant
Al Jefferson Larry Sanders
out for tonight
Lance Stephenson
Jeff Taylor
Jabari Parker
John Henson
Portland Trailblazers   at Oklahoma City Thunder
5.5 O/U 200.5 -5.5
Damian Lillard Russell Westbrook
Wesley Matthews Andre Roberson
Nicolas Batum Perry Jones
Joel Freeland Serge Ibaka
Meyers Leonard Steven Adams
out for tonight
Robin Lopez
LaMarcus Aldridge
Kevin Durant
Denver Nuggets   at Brooklyn Nets
ugg outlet elizabeth nj eagan mn “

NBA DFS December 22nd 2014

tie pix2 (1)Trial and Error: The NBA experience:

By Chris Lauer


Trial and Error

Many of us are currently working our way into the unfamiliar territory of the NBA DFS land! I am very excited, yet nervous.

I want to do well in this, I like to succeed period. Generally I believe success takes hard work, learning, and practice. I have been playing NBA DFS games on occasion and I have even had a few small GPP Cashes.

However most of my entries have been losers. Being used to NFL I was quite disappointed to see that almost three hundred points, may not cash you a GPP. I started using line ups from a great site that e mails out NBA line ups. I started making variations of those line ups, and had some minor successes.

I feel confident enough now to start doing my own research, and will relay this to the best of my ability to you all. Again, this is a learning process, and I wouldn’t recommend spending your whole bank roll on tonight using this info, but you can be assured I am giving it a try, and will honestly relay the results.

Step One: 50 / 50 ‘s & minimal GPP:

Again it is easier to cash these tournaments and generally have a lower score to reach the ‘pay-out zone’. Stick to these, and if you must only do a few GPP’s.

Step two : Game Time Decisions

This is not the NFL and guys tend to miss more games. I do not question their toughness, I am just suggesting that you pay close attention in the hour before game time. I have found that has a Daily Line ups section, that has probable line ups for the game, as well as it turns green once confirmed.

Step Three: Normal research 

Here I like to start with over / unders. This is one principle that relays pretty straightforward from NFL DFS, Higher scoring games tend to have higher scoring players. Also, look at who the ‘studs’ are. While I am not familiar with NBA DFS, I have been a big basketball fan for years! Watching basketball, and looking at normal player stats can tell you who these guys are if you do not know.

Defense vs. Position

In NFL this is one of the stats I take pretty seriously as a season average and recently. Again, in professional sports anything can happen, and it is very hard to confidently predict anything! What we try to do as DFS’ers is bet on what is most likely to happen. Is it more likely the team that has been allowing  point guards to score a lot of points this year, is all of a sudden going to shut out Damian Lillard? Probably not!

( Lillard is averaging 28 points/6.5 Ast/1.75 St a game over the last four games, I like him a lot)

So here is what I did for Monday December 22nd: Defense vs. Position for tonights matchups, according to This is paired with my personal player suggestions from the other team, ugg outlet geelong gilroy based on this and performance etc. I noticed several of these guys are game time decisions so again PLEASE check prior to start of contest to make sure!

Toronto Raptors @ Chicago Bulls – O/U -201 – CHI-4.5

Toronto: 11th vs SF; 17th vs. PF; 10th vs. SG; 15th vs. C; 6th vs. PG

TR Players – SF J Johnson, C Valanciunas, PG K. Lowry

Chicago: 29th vs. SF; 2nd vs. PF; 2nd vs. SG; 23rd vs. C; 18th vs. PG

CB Players – PF P. Gasol J. Noah


Atlanta Hawks @ Dallas Mavericks – O/U -209 DAL-4

Hawks: 12th vs. SG; 15th vs. SF; 5th vs. PG; 9th vs. PF; 10th  vs. C

AH Players -PF- P. Millsap, DAL vs. PG ranks are pre Rondo, beware!

Mavericks: 9th vs. SG; 4th vs. SF; 20th vs. PG; 10th vs. PF; 1st vs. C

DM Players – SF C. Parsons, SG M. Ellis, C T. Chandler


Los Angeles Clippers @ San Antonio Spurs – O/U -201.5 LAC-1

Clips: 8th vs. SG; 27th vs. SF; 3rd vs. PG; moncler outlet polo 8th vs. PF; 8th vs. C

CP Players – PG. C. Paul, PF B. Griffin,

Spurs: 3rd vs. SG; 7th vs. SF; 11th vs. PG; 26th vs. PF; 3rd vs. C

SA Players – SF K. Anderson


Sacramento Kings vs. Golden State Warriors O/U -210 GSW-11.5

Kings: 25th vs. SG; 2nd vs. SF; 19th vs. PG; 28th vs. PF; 4th vs. C

SK Players : C D. Cousins(stud), SF R. Gay

Warriors: 7th vs. SG; 13th vs. SG; 1st vs. PG; 5th vs. PF; 6th vs. C

GS Players – SG K Thompson, PG S. Curry, PF D. Green


Utah Jazz @ Memphis Grizzlies O/U -194.5 MEM-9

Jazz: 5th vs. C; 5th vs. SF; 30th vs. SG; 20th vs. PF; 26th vs. PG

UJ Players- SF G. Hayward, SG A. Burks

Grizzlies: 2nd vs. C; 22nd vs. michael kors c 1001 c 1005 SF; 19th vs. SG; 4th vs. PF; 9th vs. PG

MG Players-  PG M. Conley, PF J. Leuer (Z Bo is most likely out, so this may  be a good value play), SG C. Lee


Portland TrailBlazers @ Houston Rockets O/U -199 HOU-3.5

Blazers: 12th vs. C; 19th vs. SF; 17th vs. SG; 3rd vs. PF; 2nd vs. PG

PB Players- C C. Kaman, C J. Freeland, SF N. Batum, PF L. Aldridge , PG Damian Lillard

– Aldridge GTD due to illness, may play but is Jordan-esque?

Rockets: 22nd vs. C; 18th vs. SF; 1st vs. SG; 22nd vs. PF; 16th vs. PG

HR Players- SG J. Harden (GTD, check close to game), SF T. Ariza, C D. Howard


I will not always be able to go into this kind of depth, but I will try to get as much info as I can out to you guys as often as possible. Hopefully we will learn this together, and before long we can make some NBA DFS Cash!

Thanks again for reading, you guys rock! Good Luck!

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Nitty Gritty : The Top Plays for week 16 NFL DFS

tie pix2 (1)Nitty Gritty

By Chris Lauer

I hate weeks where the NFL games are split up into several different sections.

While I do enjoy the fact that it is somewhat easier to predict the higher scoring players from a smaller player pool, I just can’t stand the limitations.

This week, prior to registering for any games I thought I had the perfect plan for a GPP guarantee!

However, as I attempted to construct this super secret, highly classified, super team; I was saddened to see I couldn’t make that plan due to game splits.

I know this article comes out a little late in the week, but I want to be able  to provide the best possible, most current, info so that you can build a GPP winner ! So without further intro, here is the meat and potatoes of the article! Thanks again for reading! :

Top QB Play : Drew Brees $9100 ; Proj 25.6+

Drew is always a potential stud, so you guys probably didn’t need me to tell you that. However I think there are some factors that make Drew more exciting than normal. First of all, Drew is the cheapest he has been in the last three weeks. I know $9100 is not ‘cheap’ and is generally more than I like to spend on a QB, however there are some good value plays this week that may allow you to put Drew in.

Atlanta is the worst ranked defense in the league as far as overall yards allowed. They are worst at defending the pass, and are 20th against the rush. It is a home game for Drew, and I think he has that inner fire that ignites in front of your home fans  in the playoff hunt.  Despite an atrocious record, this week the Saints have the potential for five or more touchdowns . Atlanta over the season is giving up the 13th most fantasy points to opposing QB’s, and the 2nd most over the last two weeks(Std. Scoring).

2nd QB Option: Matt Stafford $8200 ; Proj  23+

I really like Stafford this week as well. He is a passing stud, moncler arriette aspen and is also in a heated playoff race. What gave Drew the edge, is I think there is a possibility that the Lions destroy Chicago, and Stafford doesn’t have to play the entire game. If that is the case, they will not have to throw a ton to win this game either. Whereas, I do see Matt Ryan and the Falcons playing well and that game being a shootout! Good choice either way!

Top RB Play: Tre Mason $6500 ; Proj 14+

Some of my loyal readers, (whom I extremely appreciate and would run through a  brick wall for you guys! Thanks again!) already know this was coming because they read my other articles, Xstream Value and Guaranteed To Win!  Tre is one of my favorite running backs in a game where running backs aren’t what they used to be!

I think Mason has shown in his rookie year that he will be a force to be reckoned with. Mason has seen seventeen passing targets since week ten  and on the ones he caught, averaged over eleven yards a reception. For a rookie who has not had a stud at quarterback, or the most skilled offense, that is good in my opinion. I like the guy. He has contributed several times to me cashing in GPP tournaments and other DFS games.

Besides what some may call my ‘Fantasy Football Man Crush’ on Tre Mason, there are several great reasons why you should want him in your line up. The first being he has a good matchup and is going to put up good numbers., My projections show him over fourteen fantasy points this week. The Giants are allowing over 24 points a game, and I think Tre may account for at least 12 or more of those points, and  with rushing yards, and a few catches thrown in, he may get you close to the goal of at least twenty points out of a GPP position player.


Top WR Play: Lots!

I will apologize now but there are so many recievers I want to write about, but am not going to single one out. Some may say this is an easy way out, and yeah it kind of is! monster beats vs urbeats speaker Still, with GPP’s part of the strategy is variance and constructing a high scoring line up, that not everyone else will have. Still never sacrifice obvious talent, and or great match ups for variance!

Falcons – I have already stated I see this as a high scoring heated game between two really good quarterbacks who have something to play for in week 16. Pay close attention to the injury reports, and game time but I like all the guys. If Roddy White or Julio Jones doesn’t play, I think that move Douglas into top 15 territory and potentially gives Devin Hester a shot as well.

Saints – Drew is never partial to one guy, so it can sometimes put a finger on who the guy will be that week ( similar to NE) but if you get the call right it tends to pay off. Marques Colston and Kenny Stills should be on your radar. Also, I think Pierre Thomas may be a sneaky RB2 play as he is known to catch some passes and get some YAC!

 Eagles– Sanchez has proven he can play as an NFL quarterback, when facing the second tier of NFL competition. No offense to Jay Gruden, but that team is second tier competition this year. Their defense is giving up the most fantasy points to opposing quarterbacks, and third most fantasy points to opposing wide receivers. I think this week is the week Jordan Matthews gets back on track. He is the Eagles most targeted player in the red zone and should find it this week.

I also see Jeremy Maclin as a starter this week. I even have a few GPP’s where I have the trio of Sanchez, Matthews, and Maclin. The Washington Football Club is decent against the run, but in Saturday only games, you still have to consider LeSean McCoy based purely on what else is available. I would recommend Polk, but since you can only have four players from a single team, I wouldn’t be willing to give up any other players for him.

If you got a chance to read Guaranteed To Win!, you know I am recommending any of the Green Bay Packer’s stud players.  I would also strongly recommend you guys take a look at Paul Roberson’s Week 16 NFL Board! He has a list of the best receiver plays this week, their scoring projections, their matchups, and their salaries. It couldn’t be more convenient.

Top TE Plays(s): The Usual Suspects!

This week is a pretty straightforward week for the tight end position. I am not recommending getting crazy, monster beats deal detox pro stick to your studs. Most of them have good matchups this week.  Gronk, Graham, need I say more ?

My Preferred TE: Dwayne Allen $5400 Proj : 14+

Dwayne Allen is a guy I really like! I can’t believe where he was drafted in season long leagues given the scarcity of depth at the tight end position. There are only four games that Dwayne played this year where he did not get into the end zone. Luck looks for him in the red zone, and Dallas is giving up the third most fantasy points to opposing tight ends(Std. Scoring).

If you need a  super value TE play, and are ok with the boom or bust aspect;

I also think that Eric Ebron may be on the verge of having himself a breakout game against Chicago.

I smell a big TE kind of game out of a New England as well playing versus the Jets. I even thinks think this may be a Tim Wrighty-Almighty game! When those happens he usually hits the end zone, and has found it twice on one occasion earlier this year.

The Jets are giving up the fourth most points to opposing tight ends.


Top Defensive Plays:

St Louis Rams, Seattle Seahawks, Buffalo Bills, Detroit Lions, San Diego Chargers, Green Bay Packers, &  San Francisco 49’ers.

You know the drill, find the better defenses, against the worst offenses, and then find the one that best fits your value range for this position. You can also check out my other articles this week for more on defenses for week 16.


I wish you all an incredible amount of luck this weekend! Thank you all for taking time out of your busy lives to read my DFS and NFL related articles.

I hope that my analysis leads you to a big money GPP win this week, and if it does please let me know.

Please follow me on Twitter @Clauerr808 to get links to all my DFS weekly articles, as well as updates on any last minute changes, and please feel free to reach out to me with your DFS or general sports questions!

Thanks again and Happy Holidays!

Guaranteed To Win Week 16 NFL

tie pix2 (1)Guaranteed To Win

By Chris Lauer

I can’t believe how fast time goes by.

I remember being much younger, and thinking I can’t wait to be twenty one, or I couldn’t wait to be 18.

Very much similar to how I viewed the NFL season.

In week 4 I couldn’t wait for week 10 (more stats, more info etc), in week eight I was looking forward to week 15, and now that we are almost at the end of the regular season, I wish we were back closer to week 4.

I am going to miss NFL, however as soon as the games become scarce I morph into an NBA Monster and move on. Still, I will be sad to see the end of this season!

Thank you all again, for taking the time to read my articles, or peruse them, or even skim them! I just appreciate you taking the time to check it out. I can’t express how gratifying this experience has been writing for, and now writing for two, potentially three different fantasy sports sites.

It has been a fast, exciting, motivating ride, but I couldn’t have done it without all of you! Especially big shout out to Paul Roberson and I owe you big time! The next most satisfying part is people reaching out to you and saying hey ‘ I switched Olsen into my line up because of your analysis and look I won! My original TE flopped, thank you!’

The other gratifying part of this, is I am able to reach out to those of you who get the same satisfaction from nerding out on sports statistics that I do. My closest friends all play fantasy football, but none of them get the same excitemtent I do when pouring over spreadsheets, trends, and defensive rankings etc!

But writing these articles I have gotten me connected with quite a few of you, who I feel like if I met in person we could go to lunch, have a beer, and talk nothing but sports nerd talk and it may be the best luncheon ever!

Moral of the story, Thank you all and I really hope that I can continue to provide quality DFS info for you guys for a long time to come, and hopefully one day, make a lucrative career out of my childish hobby!


10.5 point road favorites give me the Teebie-Geebie’s! michael kors customer service coats

Who takes 10.5 point road favorites especially in week 16? People who want to win money betting on NFL games, that’s who!  Every wise guy or ‘sharp’ in the world would tell you regardless of the teams in the game, you don’t take a 10.5 point road favorite, you pass or you take the home team getting 10.5 points.  Except, if the Green Bay Packers are coming off a loss, traveling to Tampa Bay, and are tied at 10-4 for their division lead.

Prior to Green Bay’s loss to the Buffalo Bills this past Sunday; Green Bays last two losses were both followed up by a win streak of at least four games! In addition to that, during those win streaks the Green Bay Packers averaged almost thirty nine points a game. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have not scored more than thirty one points in a game all season, and are averaging just 18.1 points per game.


Green Bay is going to be  bothered by their loss to Buffalo, and they are going to come out on a heater in Tampa Bay! Tampa’s Defense is 25th in the league, and they are allowing over 250 pass yards per game. My guess is after Rodgers only scored 6 fantasy points(standard scoring) and cost my season long team a chance to play in the Super Bowl, he is going to come out hot this week and destroy the Buccaneers.

The other factor is that they are tied with Detroit for the lead in the division. Both the Lions, and the Packers are playing mediocre competition this week, and then they meet at Lambeau Field in week 17. The Lions won the first meeting the first time they played this year.

Therefore the Packers must win this week to stay tied with them in the division, and they must beat Detroit at home next week to keep their home playoff game.No one wants to go play in Seattle! Besides the 12th man, and recent memories of the interception that was a touchdown, that was blown by the referee’s; Green Bay wants to play at home where they have not lost this season.

Vegas sees this as a decently high scoring game, the over under is currently at 48.5! Tampa Bay is giving up the 12th most fantasy points to opposing RB’s, and 7th most to opposing WR’s.  I think this week is a big week for all the studs on Green Bay’s offense! I also think that due to Junk time, and Green Bays not impenetrable defense, Mike Evans may even find the end zone a couple times.

However, at the end of the day I still see Green Bay winning this game something like 55-17,  with Tampa’s two touchdowns coming in the fourth quarter when Rodgers, and all other valuable assets are on the sideline resting and planning for week 17, and beyond.

Give the 10.5, nfl jerseys database dallas tx Give 11, I would even consider giving two touchdowns on this game. That is how sure I am that the Green Bay Packers are Guaranteed To Win!

– A side note-

I am a lifelong, Die-Hard, Packers Fan!


Game Splits – GPP Line up for Thursday Full Week Games

Later this week I will do my ‘Nitty Gritty’ Top Plays of the Week! With the way games are split up this week, I did want to go ahead and put out a line up for any of you who may be playing the full week GPP’s starting today. Please be aware some of the players in the line up Below may be in my Top plays of the week.

QB – Mark Sanchez  – Mark is not the greatest QB in the world but he has shown flashes this year of winning talent. I think that Mark is capable of putting up some great numbers this week, especially against a Washington defense that is on average giving up the most fantasy points to opposing QB’s (NFL.Com). We have also seen him put up good numbers against bad pass defenses this year. My own median projections show Mark Sanchez scoring about 20 points this week, and @ $7500 that is a great deal($374/point)

RB – Tre Mason – Tre Mason is a stud in my book! I know that the qb situation in St. Louis does not lend any favors to the running game, yet still Tre has put up some games this year that make you gasp. I called his game of the year earlier in the season, and I am projecting another biggie this week. NYG are allowing the 7th most fantasy points to opposing RB’s, and are ranked 30th overall against the run. Watch out at $6500 Tre may just be the RB1 you need to construct a GPP monster this week!

RB – C.J. Anderson –   Recently the run game in Denver has been awesome. I do not know if it is because Peyton is struggling so the coaches are pushing the run, or if the run game is truly the better piece of the Denver offense, or whatever the case is. Either way, the Cincinnati defense is giving up the 5th most fantasy points to opposing RB’s.  Cincinnati’s Run defense is ranked 24th in the league, and is tied for giving up the fourth most rushing touchdowns all season.

I see Anderson having quite the nice game, and pairing with Mason gives you two affordable RB1 options (Anderson $7800) for your DFS line  ups.  Also, there are rumblings of Anderson possibly seeing ‘monitored snaps’ preparing for the playoffs. If your not comfortable with Anderson, I think Joique Bell has a good match up again and at $7300 he would give you a little extra play money for receivers etc.

WR – Jeremy Maclin – I always recommend stacking your QB with a receiver. this one was a tough one for me, because Jeremy Maclin ($8000) is the 18th most targeted WR in the league since week 10. However, I think Washington’s pass defenses which is giving up the fourth most fantasy points to opposing WR’s, will game plan for Maclin. If they plan for Maclin, Matthews ($7000) may be the one to get the big plays / TD’s. Washington has given up nine passing touchdowns in the last five games. I think either way, one of these recievers will have a big game in my opinion, nfl jerseys ranked custom so make sure Sanchez has a buddy!

WR – Kelvin Benjamin – KB ($7700) is the 15th most targeted WR in the league since week 10. Even with Derek Anderson at the helm, Benjamin has been a great target. The Cleveland defense leads the league in interceptions, but it is not likely that Joe Haden Plays, so I believe there is a chance Benjamin and or the TE G. Olsen ($6900) have good games here.

WR – Allen Hurns – The Jaguars are at home this week facing a Tennessee team that is allowing the even the worst teams in the league to beat them. Allen Hurns, Marquise Lee, and Cecil Shorts have all been targeted at least 8 times in each of the last three weeks. Against the Tennessee defense I think anyone of these three guys could be worth a fly, Hurns ($5800) / Shorts($5500) are my preferences. (Marquise Lee $5400)

TE – Rob Gronkowski – The New York Jets are allowing the third most fantasy points to opposing TE’s. The Patriots, who are fighting for home field throughout the playoffs should be nice and ready to run over the Jets. Gronk ($7800) I believe is set to have a big game this week. The Jets best defensive asset is their run stopping defensive front so I expect some quick seam passes to Gronkowski and hopefully one or more of those is in the end zone!

K- Matt Bryant- I selected Matt Bryant for a couple reasons. Mostly because he is an affordable kicker from a game that is projected to be high scoring. Plus I like his track record, and think inside the dome he may post a couple 40+ yarders.

Def – SD Chargers  – I always try to scout out a few good, value defensive plays each week. The Chargers I selected primarily in this line up, because I do not have faith in San Francisco’s offense right now. I think they have the best chance at keeping scoring low ! Plus they cost the minimum! Nothing is worse than paying top dollar for a defense who flops on you anyways!

I would also recommend that you all take a look at Paul Robersons fantasy board for week 16. There is a lot of great info on all the players this week and will offer you a good selection of players especially RB’s & WR’s that you can mix in and out for variance. If you take the time to look at the matchups, player stats, trends, injuries, and projections; then it may be you this week who is really Guaranteed To Win!

 Thank you all again! Please follow me on Twitter and feel free to reach out to me with your DFS NFL questions.


Week 15 Accountability & Credibility

tie pix2 (1)

Week 15 summary by Chris Lauer

Thank you all again for continuing to support my writing! Thank you to and Paul Roberson for the great fantasy boards (which cut about eight solid hours of data entry out each week for me) allowing me to write for this great website, and all that you do for us DFS Nerds!

I hope everyone had a wildly successful week! Myself, mildly successful is a more appropriate term. The hardest part for me was looking at the winners of the big GPP’s this week and seeing that basically I had all the right players, I just couldn’t get all the right ones in the same line up.

In some line ups I had Matt Ryan , my qb play of the week that worked out swimmingly, Harry Douglas, Roddy white, OBJ, Greg Olsen ( My TE play of the week) and the Chiefs ( one of my defensive plays of the week). However, in these line ups I couldn’t get the RB’s right, my combos were like J. Charles, and I. Crowell ( My RB play of the week that didn’t work out so well) ,  Hill / Crowell, or Alfred Morris / Forsett, and etc.

In the line ups where I combined  L. Bell and Ivory or Hill and bell, I  had receivers like T.y. Hilton and Mike Evans.  However, it was encouraging to know that basically my work this week was really good. I only cashed in a few GPP’s, but won almost all of my 50/50’s which basically saved my week.

I ended up with $92 in winnings, on $58 in entries.  One strategy I am going to try this week that I do not normally do is enter more 50/50’s than I do Gpp’s. With that, I am also going to use less variance in my Gpp line ups. moncler cest pas assez cher down coat What hurt me, was trying to enter too many variations of entries. This lead to my scoring being anywhere from 98 points – 155.62. Most of my 50/50’s were 125 + , and I ended up in 7th place in the Oneweekfantasy game #1 with 135.xx points.

Rb Play of the week Crowell ? Yikes!

I am slightly upset at myself for making Crowell the play of the week. I am also slightly upset that the Browns didn’t even attempt to show up. I knew Manziel’s passing would be limited, and I kind of expected there to be a lot of defenders in the box, but I really expected there to be some good play designs that would allow the RB’s a chance. Many of you know I have wrote about how I am not a fan of Manziel, but I didn’t expect him to be that bad. I heard a comment from a story I read that came out of the Cleveland locker room,  if the coaching staff switched to Manziel it meant they were giving up on the season. I think they played like they felt  management / coaching has given up on this year.

I understand that they were going to have to get lucky to make the tournament, but  it could of happened. Maybe I have too much faith in Brian Hoyer, or too much faith in Cleveland, but I think they had to know Manziel was not ready!  Looking at how poor Josh Gordon performed, and the multiple interceptions on a total of 18 passing attempts, and the disappearance of the running game; I can’t see how any Browns fan or coach can be excited!

WR Play of the week Mike evans ?

Last week as I was writing my top plays I had an internal struggle. OBJ or Mike Evans? I had lots of cool stats about the last time NYG played Wash. I also had a lot of cool stats on M. Evans. What split the line for me was that I thought there was a good chance that Larry Donnell could catch a touchdown or so. Whereas I thought about the Buccaneers, and I really thought Mike Evans had a good chance to score twice, and thought who else would really be catching a touchdown from McCown in that game. Was not the best call, ugg outlet dallas deer park but ultimately OBJ was used in a majority of my line ups, and Evans was only in a few.

A side note, I also felt let down by T.Y. Hilton. Matthew Berry, ESPN Sr. Fantasy Analyst, said ‘ Death , Taxes, and you start T.Y. Hilton against Houston. ‘ This was the one game, where I would of much rather had Harry Douglas in my line up that T.Y. Hilton. I doubt that happens again, at least this year.

Monday Night Saints Go Marching On!

I have never liked Jay Cutler! As a Denver resident my entire life, I have had a disdain for Cutler since Elway left. I know there some guys between Elway and Cutler ( Griese) but that is just how long I have not like Cutler. Last year I was watching a Monday Night Football game with the Bears ( I don’t recall who they were playing) but Jon Gruden, whom I respect like none other, said a comment like this ‘ I Can’t believe Denver ever let Jay Cutler go, Or Brandon Marshall’. Which caught me by surprise because I always think Jon is a great evaluator of talent and character.

Last night, Jon’s comments couldn’t have been more different, and more in line with what I have always thought. It take a lot to be an NFL quarterback. Mentally, physically, and emotionally dedicated to every aspect of the job. I wish the Bears the best of luck, and like the Cowboys I believe the NFL is better when the Bears are relevant.

moncler sale hat 2 “>Guaranteed To Win Week 15

Last week in Guaranteed To Win, I predicted a win for the New York Jets! Yes, I was right! While you may have taken the bet, and are happy about the win, the New York Jets fan base is uproarious about the win, not in a good way! The Jets were sitting in the passenger seat about to take over for the first pick in the draft, which could lead to an actual NFL QB prospect, Marcus Mariota. The Jets, are now sitting 6th in line, and will most likely, barring anything crazy, not be able to land a potential franchise changing qb.

I also think the franchise needs some changing as well before they can have any chance at developing a decent qb. Besides Andrew Luck, not many guys come into the league ready to play at an elite level. Most guys need to develop, and unfortunately if you  have a dysfunctional organization I don’t think even guys with potential elite qb potential ( Mariota) would be able to develop into that. I also think Rex Ryan, will be the defensive coordinator of the year next year wherever he goes, unless he takes a year off in which case he will be the DC of the year 2017.

Overall, I was not disappointed this week. I am excited at the upcoming opportunities this week, and look forward to putting out some more great info for your DFS Line Ups! Good Luck, Happy Holidays, and please check back on Wednesday for Guaranteed To Win Week 16!

Also, please follow me on Twitter @clauerr808   for links to all of my articles including my X Stream Value weekly column, Guaranteed To Win, and the Nitty Gritty my top plays of the week!

Week 15 Fanduel Earnings Report

Overall Cash Game Win Rate Percentage -33%

Initial Deposit for Week 1 – $150.00

moncler boots ugg boots “>Total Cash Withdrawal – $0

Starting Bankroll for Week 15 – $244.xx

Total Cash Game Winnings – $25

Total Cash Game Loses – $50

Week 15 Net Profit/Loss – $25

Ending Balance – $219.xx

monster beats dr dre studio docking station “>====

GPP Tournaments

GPP Deposits – $1200

Total GPP Cash Withdrawals – $700

Starting Bankroll for Week 15 – $427.xx

Total GPP Winnings – moncler backpack bady “>$48.50

Total GPP Losses – $85

Week 15 Net Profit/Loss – $36.5

Ending Balance – $389.xx


Week 15 Top Plays

tie pix2 (1)Week 15 Top Plays aka The Nitty Gritty

& Avoiding Devastation!

By Christopher Lauer


Thank you all again for visiting and taking the time to read my writing!

I can’t express enough gratitude to those of you who have been nice enough to offer feedback and supportive  comments!

Thank you,  I hope that you all will continue to support my writing. Also, big shout out to Paul Roberson and for letting me write for the site!

Nitty Gritty

Week 15 has some great options for players! I see value everywhere, and some really juicy matchups!  Here We Go!


Top QB : Matt Ryan $7900 – Proj: 19+

Over the last three weeks the Pittsburgh defense is giving up the most fantasy points to opposing quarterbacks and wide receivers! In addition Pittsburgh’s pass defense is ranked 23rd overall and giving up close to 250 passing yards per game. Matt Ryan has at least 270 passing yards in his last three games, with eight passing touchdowns, and a 66% completion rate. This game is also projected to be the highest scoring game of the week with an over / under of fifty five. I do see this game as a burner, and like the studs on both teams for my DFS line ups this week!

A side note – Julio Jones is a game time decision due to an injury suffered in last weeks big performance. I think if Juli0 plays there is a chance he is limited; Or even on the field as a decoy, like we saw from Megatron earlier in the season. Harry Douglas and Roddy White were on the injury report as well, but both have had several full practices this week, and I expect both to play well!

Honorable Mentions : Ben Roethlisberger, Derek Anderson, Joe Flacco, Andrew Luck

Top RB: Isaiah Crowell $6500 – Proj: 13+

Cincinnati has the 27th ranked overall defense and are ranked 27th in defending against the run. 2017 nfl jerseys for sale best sellers They have allowed the third most fantasy points to opposing running backs over the past three weeks and have allowed the second most over the course of the season.  Lets also face facts about why this is my pick, Money Manzilla! I am not a fan, however with Kyle Shanahan as offensive coordinator, ( same guy who worked with RG3 his first year) I do believe they will be cooking up some sneaky run plays! I think the threat of Manziel leaving the pocket may cause defenders to freeze a little bit, giving Crowell better chances to get away!

Crowell has seen at least 12 carries in each of the last 5 games and has a total of 9 red zone rushes in that time. I think that they will limit Manziel’s throwing as a precaution and you will see a lot of runs this game. Crowell was listed on the injury report going into last weeks game but saw 14 touches and has had a full week of practice following. I think he is good to go! The threat of Manziel’s mobility, combined with Cincinnati’s poor defense make Crowell my play of the week at running back.

Honorable Mentions : Alfred Morris,  Justin Forsett, Joique Bell, Jamaal Charles, Le’Veon Bell

 Top WR: Mike Evans $8200 – Proj: 17+

Mike Evans made me look bad last week, hopefully he will make me look good this week!  Carolina is ranked 15th in defending the pass, and is allowing the 10th most points in the league. Carolina is tied at 21st overall with 23 passing touchdowns allowed this season. While you could say Carolina’s pass defense is middle of the pack, I just don’t think middle of the pack is good enough to hold Evans down. If Evans was able to hang 18  last week on a top ten passing defense, I think he could do even better this week!

Mike Evans has the fifth most targets ,  the second most yards, and the most touchdowns of any wide receiver in the league since week eight. His QB McCown is averaging 260 pass yards a game over the past three weeks, and I could see him hitting Evans for more than one score this week!

Honorable Mentions : Brandon Lafell, Odell Beckham Jr., Alshon Jefferey, T.Y. Hilton, Martavis Bryant, Antonio Brown, nfl jerseys fit giants Roddy White,

 Top TE: Greg Olsen $6700 – Proj: 15+

Last time Derek Anderson played a full game was against the Buccaneers and he won that game! Even though Tampa Bay is in the top half of the league in defending opposing tight ends, I think the Panthers will game plan to have Olsen as a safety valve for Anderson. The last time Derek and Greg played a full game together Olsen was the most targeted player on the team with 11 targets. With those eleven targets he managed eight catches, for eighty three yards, and a touchdown. I could see Olsen being the most targeted player this week, or at least tying with Kelvin Benjamin.

Greg Olsen has gained 311 yards over his last four games, averaging almost 78 yards a game, and  I see that continuing this week with a decent chance of him finding the end zone!

Honorable Mentions: Marellus Bennet, Larry Donnell, Antonio Gates,

Top Defenses:

New York Jets, Kansas City Chiefs, Detroit Lions, New England Patriots, Baltimore Ravens

Again, I try to scout the best matchups and then order them by price, cheapest to most expensive. The Defenses I list here are in no particular order, just that I think all of them are worth a fly; Depending on how you have constructed your line up so far, and what your budget is!

Avoiding Devastation:

These are players I normally like, or normally produce that I feel are not going to be worth firing up this week!

1. Reggie WayneI like Reggie Wayne, but I think we all have heard the stories from last week. Supposedly he has a torn tricep, another site I read says the team listed it as ‘general soreness’ but that he practiced fully all week except Friday which he missed for a ‘non-injury’. Houston is not good at defending the pass, and  giving up the second most points to opposing WR’s, but I do not think Wayne is healthy! Despite his affordability, I would stay away from Reggie this week. ugg outlet france facebook An interesting idea, especially if Wayne is out, is Donte Moncrief.

2. Rashad Jennings Rashad Jennings is working his way back from injury. Normally the workhorse back for the Giants, he saw only two touches last week. This week the story is he is going to see a bigger work load, but how big?  Washington is not doing well as a defense overall this year but they are actually pretty good against the run. Washington is giving up the second fewest points to opposing RB’s. Washington’s defense is ranked 10th overall against the run, and is tied for the fourth fewest rushing touchdowns allowed all season with eight. I like Jennings, just not this week.

3. Giovani Bernard– The way I hear it is that the Bengals are not a fan of the time share system anymore. Despite having two really talented running backs, I think they think one guy may be able to get into a better rhythm with more work. Either way, I didn’t like Gio when this backfield was a timeshare, and I certainly do not like him when I am hearing he will now be getting the lesser portion of touches . I do like Jeremy Hill this week based on the match up and what I heard, but I wouldn’t bet the bank on it because I still think the ‘hot hand’ theory may come into play, and both guys are capable of getting hot.


Thank you all for taking the time to read Nitty Gritty & Avoiding Devastation!

Again, I hope this article helps you all in making the best line up decisions possible!

Please follow me on Twitter @clauerr808 to get links to all my articles, as well as line ups, and feel free to send questions as well. Thank you!

Please check on Monday Night to read my accountability and credibility on this weeks top plays!


Week 15 Guaranteed To Win

 Thank you all again for coming to and reading my articles!Thanks to Paul Roberson, and for allowing me to entertain readers on your site!

As some of you may still be getting familiarized with me and my writing, I wanted to do a quick synopsis of the three articles I will be writing for do a weekly summary Monday night on the previous weeks games.

I do a mid-week Guaranteed To Win column, which covers any Thursday players I feel may need mentioned, Sunday game preview(s), and interesting matchup stats. Finally, on Friday I do the Nitty Gritty / Avoiding Devastation, my top plays of the week and players to avoid.


tie pix2 (1)Week 15 Guaranteed To Win!

By Chris Lauer

Week 15 is one of the last few weeks of the NFL regular season. Sure we will get to continue playing DFS in the playoffs, and in other sports such as NBA.

However, it is just not quite the same. What I am leading to is, make sure to get the most out of the last few fruitful weeks we have this season.

There may be players sitting out the final game(s)  depending on their position in the playoff race. That said I think we have some great options this week and without further ado; I am going in!

ugg outlet eagan el paso “>Chris’mas time in Tennessee

New York Jets at Tennessee Titans

I feel bad picking on the Titans, but sometimes history repeats itself as soon as the following week. Or for the third consecutive week. Or wait, I meant for the 7th consecutive week as that is how many weeks they have lost in a row. Tennesse’s offensive line has some key injuries which is not helping the win loss ratio. The New York Jets are riding into town on a two horse open sleigh. At the front of the  reins,  two  running backs both named Chris!

The Tennesee Titans have one of the worst defenses in the league. They are allowing 28.8 points per game, and are allowing the most rushing yards per game this season, 141.5.  While I do not like going against desperate teams at home, I do not think this is the ideal get right game for a losing team. Despite first appearance (win/loss record) the Jets have some assets that could make this a tough matchup for Tennessee.

Chris Ivory and Chris Johnson have both averaged at least 4.4 yards per carry this season,  they both have had at least sixteen carries over the last two games, and the Jets are gaining the second most rushing yards per game at 149.7. 

With the Titans run defense being so bad, and Geno Smith not being Aaron Rodgers, I would say there is a good chance that the rushers lead the way in this game. Chris Ivory registers in at $5200 and may be the value rb2 to help you win. I see his base somewhere around 12 points, and if he gets a little lucky who knows. Ivory is my preference of the two, despite his five game end zone drought he has at least fourteen carries in three of the last four games, and is the primary red zone runner for the Jets.

Johnson is coming off the injury report for a knee issue, and is slightly more expensive ( due to 105 yard game recently) but could also be worth a fly! nfl jerseys reddit for sale near me Percy Harvin is also doubtful for this game, which limits options for the Jets passing game and takes some excitement out of it.  Jeremy Kerley and Eric Decker may see increased targets as a result of this, however I still believe the Jets limit passing and run it down the throats of the Titans.

I think the Jets may be able to run well in this game, and therefore manage clock and limit Tennessee’s offensive opportunities.The Titans are gaining the sixth fewest rushing yards per game combined with facing the Jets run defense which is 5th overall in yards allowed.

Delanie Walker is the only Titan on my radar.

The Jets passing Defense is not great, and they are allowing the fifth most points to opposing tight ends.   The Titans pass game is stronger than their running ability. Which mirrors the Jets defensive weak point, so I do believe they will try to throw the ball. The biggest concern for me is that Locker is the qb and the offensive line is struggling. The Jets are averaging 2.35 sacks a game, and I think if they can get to Locker early that he might just get rattled.

I think this will be the Jets first and only road win this year. The Jets are a 2 point road favorite, and are only 1-4 against the spread as a road favorite. However, this week I think the Jets are Guaranteed to Win!


Thursday night Preview

Arizona Cardinals at St Louis Rams

Last week I touched briefly on my feelings towards Thursday games. Only commit to them if you have a good core of scoring players that night, and a few pieces highly likely to play, without recent injuries to add in for Sunday. Well Thursday nights game this week does not fit that parameter.

It is projected to be the second lowest scoring game of the week. Both teams here are top 10 against the rush, Arizona the better of the two. Arizona only ranks 17th against the pass, michael kors outlet shoes but comes in at 3rd best in points allowed per game this season.  The Rams passing defense has allowed the third fewest touchdowns all season, so I don’t  expect any big games out of  Cardinal Receiver’s.

I like Tre Mason but am not super excited about the matchup. I also can’t seem to find enough other players Thursday night to be very excited about. While we have seen Tre Mason put up good games against good run defenses, he has not had a ‘stud’ game against a ‘good’ defense. I would like to see him score 30+ points again, but Arizona is not Oakland.

If you are dead-set on playing Thursday night I would say both defenses have a good shot, but I think the Rams defense may get more fantasy points. They are hot right now, and I have heard some stats about their defense outperforming offensive players recently that would make you laugh! I would say Mason is probably my vote as most likely to get in the endzone for the rams.  Fitzgerald most likely offensive player to score for Arizona.  I could see this being a decent for the kickers though as both teams gain a fair amount of yards, just not touchdowns. Both kickers have median projections over 10 points for this game.

St Louis is a 4.5 point favorite at home, and I think they have a good chance to cover that! I am just struggling with finding the statistics to push me into using multiple offensive players from this game. I wrote about the Field Goal Kickers for this game? That about sums it up! If Field Goal Kickers are a part of the article, you probably should avoid Thursdays game!

Thank you all for taking the time to read my mid-week football fix, Guaranteed To Win!

Please be sure to check back on Friday for the Nitty Gritty, my top players for Sundays games; As well as Avoiding Devastation, my players to avoid.

Please be sure to follow me on Twitter @clauerr808    and please check out Paul Roberson’s week 15 Fantasy board, it is an amazing time saving resource! nfl jerseys for toddlers for babies

Week 14 Fanduel Earnings Report

Overall Cash Game Win Rate Percentage – 100%

Initial Deposit for Week 1 – $150.00

nfl jerseys burned best sellers “>Total Cash Withdrawal – $0

Starting Bankroll for Week 14 – $169.xx

Total Cash Game Winnings – $75

Total Cash Game Loses – $0

Week 14 Net Profit/Loss – $75

Ending Balance – $244. michael kors c 1002 c 905 xx


GPP Tournaments

GPP Deposits – $1100

Total GPP Cash Withdrawals – $700

Starting Bankroll for Week 14 – $422.xx

michael kors perfume promo code “>Total GPP Winnings – $27.50

Total GPP Losses – $22

Week 14 Net Profit/Loss – $5.50

Ending Balance – $ 427.xx


Dallas at Chicago; Week 14 Guaranteed To Win update

tie pix2 (1)Thank you all for taking the time to read my first article on!

Hopefully you enjoyed what you read and are back for more. 

I do want to apologize for the length, my goal is to now do shorter articles, more often.

I got a great response and great feedback from a lot of my followers on Twitter ( @Clauerr808 ) –  If you haven’t yet, please read my other article on this great website, Guaranteed to Win Week 14.

Another big Shout to Paul Roberson and for allowing me to write my sports op’s on his website! Thanks buddy!

DeMarco Murray worth  the price tag!

DeMarco Murray went off Thursday night against the Chicago Bears for 228 yards, 179 of which were rushing yards and the rest came on 9 catches. He helped aid the Cowboys to their first winning season since 2009!I actually credit Jerry Jones for building his offensive line over the past few years through early draft picks.

This season, is why he did it. As a former offensive lineman (little league through high school plus Rugby) I can tell you, your offense is not going anywhere without your lineman. You can pay all the star wide receivers and running backs you want but if they do not have protection they will not produce,  or develop. I do not think the Cowboys have what it takes to be a Super Bowl Victor this year, but I feel good that they are not going to be 8-8 again. ugg outlet aurora albertville

DeMarco Murray was not one of the players I selected for my Thursday line ups. I knew he would produce, but I was confident I could gain more points by putting value RB’s in and using big Reciever / QB stacks. ( See Week 14 Guaranteed to win for more on those RB’s)  Scoring 33 points ends up being a great value $266/ point! Expect DeMarco to be in the $9000 and up range next week going to Philadelphia. Philly is allowing almost 4 yards per carry and have only allowed 7 rushing touchdowns this season. This is pre Seattle Seahawks who I think may get in once or twice.

I think the Cowboys will have to throw some to win this game. Philly has been able to score a good amount of points. Stay tuned for more info before next week on my thoughts for this matchup.


Tony Romo over Jay Cutler!

Last night I played a few Thursday through Monday entries. However, part of my strategy is to not commit too many too early. I have been burned on Thursday line ups when Fridays practice leads to an injury for a Sunday player. However some Thursday match ups provide a good core of players who score that night. Then  you can confidently put a few sure fire pieces for the weekend in.

I decided to play Romo over Cutler last night on most entries. Both came with the same price tag, and I honestly felt better about  Tony than I did Jay. While Jay Cutler is on occasion my fantasy friend, he is too inconsistent.  I think too often Jay is the reason his team does not succeed.

However, Jay Cutler had JunkTime-itis  a new disease affecting losing teams quarterbacks and recievers! He ended up with great fantasy numbers! Jay threw two touchdowns and accounted for three total end zone scores. One early ,one late , one rushing and only one interception.   I think one interception for him was good given the high passing volume. ugg outlet online atlanta I didn’t expect him to outscore Romo but I am not entirely shocked. I wish that dez Bryant would have found the end zone!

Update on Guaranteed To Win Week 14

As more information becomes available, and I have more time to sift through it all sometimes my opinions change. I always recommend keeping up on injuries, depth chart changes, and potential game plan indicators. So I want to say a few small items. .

1. Justin Forsett – I listed him as an honorable mention this week. It is looking like he may not be able to go this week or may at least see a reduced work load due to not being able to practice Wednesday or Thursday. He was a limited participant in Fridays practice, but I am not too confident he will be a stud this week anymore.

2.Bernard Pierce – would be my vote to start if Forsett is out.  Only if Forsett is out, if both guys are a go, I may avoid both as a precaution. If Forsett is out, I am unsure of how rank Pierce. Miami is ranked 6th in points allowed and is best in league over the last 8 weeks. However, they are ranked 20th overall against the run.  at $5100 he may be worth a fly if Forsett is out. I have heard Taliaferro wouldn’t get too many touches either way.

 The workload and Baltimore’s offensive line are the reasoning behind this. Baltimore is 5th in rushing yards gained on the season, and have only allowed 15 sacks which is tied for 3rd best in the league. Miami’s defense has 33 sacks on the year, or about 2. monster beats amazon australia 5 sacks per game. This will be an interesting game to watch!

3. Jarvis Landry – Ravens are giving up the most fantasy points to wide receivers and more and more I am liking the Dolphins pass catching game! Despite being burned last week by them, this is a good matchup in my mind for the Dolphins. The Ravens are having D-Line issues, and Tannehill may have a little more time to throw than normal plus he is at home this week.

  I am at this point, saying confidently that Jarvis Landry will be my play of the week at WR. My low projections say he comes up shy of 14, but I think that is off, and think that his ceiling is huge and is floor may be around fifteen points.  Landry is the 14th most targeted player in the NFL since week 9. At $6900 he should fit nicely in a lot of your line ups.

– A Side note- Haloti Ngata , a great defensive lineman for the Ravens, was suspended for the rest of the regular season for PED’s. –

4. Isaiah Crowell Is creeping up on my radar. He was listed on the injury report earlier in the week for an ankle issue. I heard from several sources now that the injury was nothing major, and he is expected to play Sunday and see a full work load. We have seen the Colts get run on before, so I think there is a good chance Crowell may be worth a few entries, he is coming in at $6500 and may just be the rb2 you need to win! I still stand by the Hoyer-Gordon combo meal as lets face it, Luck throws really, really well!

Guaranteed To Win!

tie pix2 (1)

First of all I want to thank all of you for taking the time to visit, thank you for coming upon my article, and thank you for taking the time to read it! Another Big Shout out to Paul, for allowing me to write my op’s on his great website, Thank you so much Paul!

Since this is my first time writing for, I would like to familiarize you guys with who I am, and why on earth you might want to read my articles. I am just a regular guy like most of you, who loves Fantasy sports. I work a normal day job (or as normal as Human Resources can be!) and I am not a millionaire(yet). I am a lifelong sports junkie, a die-hard Packers fan, and in recent years a successful fantasy sports general manager.

Like most of you, I watched countless commercials talking about becoming a millionaire, and how you only need Fifty Bucks to become rich! Who doesn’t love a good get rich quick scheme? I was very skeptical  to say the least, especially given my experience with online poker in 2011, but the sports nut (and fantasy aficionado) in me, said give it a try. Since that day I’ve been all in and immediately I wanted to get better, and know how to win! My refusal to lose drove me to finding several great sites, ( included) I have been immersed in strategy, statistics, information, and possibilities.

Making sense of it is not easy, but I feel like I have been able to  grasp the concepts. I do not claim to the best DFS player and understand I am still fairly new, but I am confident in my skills and my research. I spend more time than I am willing to admit to reviewing stats, comparing projections, researching previous match ups, and lots of other fantasy related information that I love to Nerd out on. Since I have been doing this, I have greatly improved and have a top 3 Gpp finish (.02 points away from 2nd place 210.18) and have enjoyed some DFS-uccess.

Please feel free to check out some of my previous entries and upcoming line ups by following me on Twitter @Clauerr808.

Every week I am going to release several short articles based on my findings for the week.  I hope that it will help you wade through the info, and come up with the best possible fantasy line ups on a week to week basis. I also believe the pressure of not wanting to look stupid online will force me to work that much harder on my DFS preparations on a weekly basis.

My goal also includes helping someone see something they hadn’t noticed before, or reinforcing their own opinions with additional information, and hopefully it will lead them to having fun and winning DFS money! Finally, I am always open to answering questions, feedback from readers, and am open to accepting accountability when I make a bad call; please feel free to let me know (hopefully that never happens).

 Week 13 summary

One lesson I learned this weekend is desperate teams in the NFL can cause you headaches. Still  I had several line ups in the 200’s, and lots of entries between 130-185, my best entry was 227.2 points last week on a Fitzpatrick / Hopkins stack that contained Tre Mason, Le’Veon Bell, Antonio Brown, and the Rams Defense.  Thank goodness for Big Ben’s junk time throws to Antonio brown, he ended up pulling through for me.

However I still felt disappointed in the Steelers performance! My call on Colt McCoy was not bad, he did lead me to some cash game victories!

His stack partner D. Jackson was so-so and I am not a big fan of him, but he shows you why he can be of value. Hopefully Washington gets it figured out. Lastly, Tannehill, uhh(sigh). monster beats studio by dr dre ibeats As most of you saw, the Jets performed well in a fluky 200 rushing yard first half where they dominated time of possession.

This kept Tannehill off the field, not that he was playing particularly well when he was on the field. I still like Jarvis Landry for his price tag when the match up is right ( at home vs. bad pass defense or a pass heavy game).  I continue to fade Lamar Miller, while he got in the end zone I do not see the high upside you want in a big GPP win.

 Week 14  Guaranteed to Win !

I realize that nothing is guaranteed, especially not in the NFL, or playing fifty thousand plus entry GPP’s. I will be honest, you were more likely to read ‘Guaranteed to Win’ than some of the other names that could have more accurately described my article! If you can think of a better title, Please let me know!  Without further hesitation or delay, here is what I got for NFL Week 14!

San Diego Vs. New England – Gametime!

No one bounces back like Brady and Belichik. Remember last time they lost this season and everyone was ready discussing Garoppolo as the QB? I expect a huge bounce back again, even on the road. I feel bad for Rivers since they pulled out a great win last week in Baltimore and Rivers may even have a decent game this week, but he is going to lose.

The last two times New England has played San Diego 4 out of 6 touchdowns scored went to the tight end, and the other two were rushing scores. I do think that says a little bit since we know that Belichik game plans based on his opponent. San Diego is only allowing a little over five fantasy points a game to opposing TE’s, this week may be a little more. San Diego’s run defense is ranked 15th giving up about 110 yards a game.

Who will get those yards? I do not know. I do expect a balanced game plan and I would find it hard to play Brady without Gronkowski. You may even want a double stack of Lafell, Brady, and Gronk in case this game turns into a burner. However, the Patriots passing defense is not a joke! Last week Randy Cobb and Jordy Nelson basically disappeared behind Browner and Revis.

Not to say anything bad on Rivers, Keenan Allen, and Malcolm Floyd, but they are not quite the Lambeau trio. So that leads me to believe there is a good chance you may want to pass on the Chargers main pass catchers this week. To recap from this game, if you want to play Brady and can find enough value elsewhere to afford him, it may be a good move. Again, If you play Brady you must include Gronk, and or Lafell.

 This is my job, and my team!

Man I like Brian Hoyer. I understand he is not Aaron Rodgers, but there are only a handful of guys who are ever able to perform at that level. Hoyer reminds me of Russell Wilson minus the mobility, he reminds me of Rivers minus the Fire-y side , and he reminds me of Tom Brady minus the accuracy / Super Bowl rings. I am not standing on a ledge saying that he should be a top 10 guy, but I am saying Manziel shouldn’t be in discussion. Manziel reminds me of Tebow, minus the moral high ground and great personality.

He just doesn’t seem to have the mental make-up (or physical make-up) to be a big time NFL QB, at least in my opinion. Back to my original point, Brian Hoyer. I think the benching will have a positive effect, and he will give it everything he has this week!  I am also somewhat using the same logic I used last week in stacking Colt McCoy when facing Indianapolis. Indy will win, but Cleveland will score a few times. First, it is very likely that Vontae Davis, the Colts best CB, will miss the game.

The Colts are allowing almost 260 pass yards per game and have the 23 ranked overall defense, allowing 23.6 points per game. Again, I still expect Indianapolis to win this game, however I still could see Hoyer being worth firing up in Gpp line ups. My projections which like Paul, are on the conservative side and are derived from multiple sources, and then averaged. I could easily see Josh Gordon coming up with 19 and Hoyer with 16, nfl jerseys for 19 99 sale cheap for a total of 35 points for $14700 ( $423/point).

Since these are my low projections, with a little luck ( or despite Luck!) I could see them as starting pieces on a winning Gpp.  Again, it is still Brian Hoyer so I am not recommending that Hoyer be  your only QB this week, but think you would be a little silly to not consider at least one Gpp with the Gordon-Hoyer combo meal.

Eli Throws 4 Touchdowns in a rout over Tennessee!

What ? Second road game in a row, and by a team like the Giants with 7 straight losses? Yes! The Tennessee Titans are playing horrible defense and have 6 straight losses. Unfortunately, one of these losing streaks must continue. We all saw the debacle last week with Fitzpatrick coming off the bench to destroy their secondary. This week the Titans have Eli Manning and OBJ coming to town. Again, desperate teams can cause headaches, and while I think both teams fall under that category.

I like Eli this week for $7300 , about what he costs normally and he normally burns you for putting him in the lineup, trust me I know! I see OBJ ( Odell Beckham Jr.) scoring somewhere between 19 and 30 points this week for about $429/ point, and having the high upside and appropriate match up ( Titans 30th ranked defense, 22nd vs. opposing WR’s over last 3 weeks, and 22 pass TD’s allowed) , he is exactly the kind of guy who can win you a Gpp this week. Eli is not my favorite QB this week, but despite past burns, I am firing him up this week.

If you wanted to double stack, I could see Larry Donnell having a decent game as well but I am not as confident there. The Titans are allowing near 10 points a week to opposing TE’s. If Eli gets a few short completions to get the game started, watch out I could see him lighting it up this week.

A side note on the Giants – Many of you know the Giants signed Ogbannaya this week. To me, that is a clear indicator that Rashad Jennings may not be able to produce, especially not as a fantasy star. I would avoid the backfield situation here until we get a better idea of whether or not Jennings will be 100% or not.

Oakland Raiders Had Enough? Give’em some Gore!

My best call of last week was my prediction of the rookie break out game of the year for Tre Mason, Boom!  This week I was shocked to see Frank Gore at $5700 like I was shocked to see Tre Mason at $6000 last week. I understand Gore’s production of late has not been what it was, and that he is like most of us, getting older! Regardless, The Oakland Raiders are none other than, The Oakland Raiders. I also see Colin Kaepernick possibly having a decent game here, but do not trust that as much as I do Gore. At $5700, I think Gore is exactly the value play you need to build any successful line up. I also, wouldn’t criticize you if you decided to do an Anquan Boldin  and Colin Kaepernick stack. My Projections only show Gore coming up around 15 points, but for that price that is exactly what I want! Hey if he happens to get 2 red zone carries for Td’s, I wouldn’t be shocked. Expect Gore in a hefty number of my line ups this week.

The Nitty Gritty

If you have stuck with me so far, Thank you! At this point I am just going to list my top players, and players to avoid for the week.

Top QB – Matt Stafford – $8300. The Tampa Bay defense is coming to town, and is not great. We saw Megatron look like Megatron on Thanksgiving, and we all know Tate Stud-Out from time to time. I am most confident in Matt Stafford this week based on matchup and cost.

Honorable Mentions – Romo, Brady, Rodgers, P. Manning, Luck.

Top RB- Eddie Lacy – $8500. Atlanta has a horrible run defense, ranked 30th vs opposing RB’s, and ranked 32nd overall. I see an easy win for my team, Green Bay. I could see Aaron Rodgers playing most of the game as I Matty Ice is capable of driving down the field. I think there will be a good amount of runs, ugg outlet clinton crossing castle rock  and I see Lacy more and more as all around back which increases his value.

Honorable mentions – Justin Forsett, Tre Mason, Le’Veon Bell

Top WR(s) – I couldn’t determine my top WR for the week. There are a lot of really good options, but none that I can comfortably call my play of the week. If you check our Paul’s Fantasy Boards, I think you will see a great list there. My only item is I would fade Dwayne Bowe, and I prefer Jarvis Landry to Mike Wallace.

Top TE – Kyle Rudolph – $5000 – This is going out on a limb a little bit, but I think that Rudolph has his legs under him and is at full strength. The Jets defense is bad, and they have allowed 12 touchdown passes to TE’s, which is 2nd most in the league. My projections show him over 10 points, and I think he is probably the best passing option for the Vikings.

Honorable Mentions – Travis Kelce, Larry Donnell, Gronkowski, and Charles Clay if healthy.

Top Defenses Again, this is a match up based decision. I generally scout the cheapest best match ups. I like the Lions, Broncos, Vikings, Texans, Chiefs and 49’ers this week. Based on your budget, that covers an array of options. Good Luck !


Avoiding Devastation

Mike EvansWhile he has been a stud for the past few weeks, I do not like Mike Evans this week. I think ultimately the Lions’ defense will give Josh McCown fits. It’s not that I doubt Evans, I doubt Tampa’s offensive line, on the road, against one of the best defenses in the league. Spend your money elsewhere this week!

Sammy Watkins – I like the rookie, a lot. However not this week. He was injured last week with a hip injury and while Watkins was able to finish the game, I know from experience that some injuries you can finish the game with, but will not be able to play full speed the next week. I know that it may seem like Orton will have to throw to have any chance at winning in Denver,  still I do not think Watkins will be 100% and I do not think he is a key piece of a GPP win this week.

Alfred MorrisThe St. Louis Rams have a pretty good defense. They are ranked 8th vs. opposing RB’s, they have allowed 6 rushing touchdowns all season, and only a couple hundred yard rushers. I like me some Alfred Morris, but not this week. If you wanted to play a running back from this game, take Tre Mason.

Thank all of you for taking the time to visit and thank you for taking the time to read my article. I appreciate feedback, suggestions, and other DFS opinions. Most of the information I get comes from fantasy boards, as well ESPN.Com. Good luck this week, I hope to hear from winners who were able to use this article to improve their line ups, and even from those of you who disagree with me. Thanks again to Paul Roberson and Oneweekfantasy.Com for all that you do for the DFS community.


Please send any  line up questions, comments and etc. to me by following me on Twitter @Clauerr808


Week 13 Fanduel Earnings Report

Overall Cash Game Win Rate Percentage – 33%

Initial Deposit for Week 1 – $150. michael-kors-backpack-wallet 00

Total Cash Withdrawal – $0

Starting Bankroll for Week 13 – $ 182.xx

Total Cash Game Winnings – $13

Total Cash Game Loses – $26

Week 13 Net Profit/Loss – $13

moncler cest pas assez cher down coat “>Ending Balance – $169.xx


GPP Tournaments

GPP Deposits – $1100

Total GPP Cash Withdrawals – $700

moncler egide emilien “>Starting Bankroll for Week 13 – $410

Total GPP Winnings – $12.50

Total GPP Losses – $0

Week 13 Net Profit/Loss – $12.50

Ending Balance – $422. michael michael kors hamilton ew collection kors x

Interview with Trevino about his 25k GPP Win on Fanduel

TrevinoThis is an interview I did with one of my OneWeekFantasy community members about his Week 12 25k Tournament Win for the 2014 Season.

He scored an incredible 192.4 to place second in the $550k Sunday NFL Kickoff on

He gives us an account of what it is like to win that kind of money, what he was considering when building his lineup and some final advice e for the rest of our community going forward.

Here is the interview




image (11)Paul:

So Trevino, tell us a little about yourself. Where are you from and how long have you been playing Fantasy Football?


First and foremost thanks for doing what you do, you have helped me with some tips that did contribute to my success.

I’m Trevino, I’m a full time college student working on my B.A.

I’m from Fresno, Ca! That’s where 559 comes in from.

I’ve been playing fantasy sports for around 5 years but the excitement was getting old playing in year-long leagues.

This is my first year playing any weekly leagues like Fanduel or Fanday and my success has been fairly good so far.


Nice, a college student making money playing fantasy football.

I bet you’re excited about this big win last week!

What is it like winning $25k while in school getting your degree?


This was a pretty awesome week right before thanksgiving.

I’m thankful for the win and all the opportunities this has brought.

I will be paying off my tuition and not have to worry about student loans anymore!

25k is life changing money for me, monster beats apple accessories 2 this will be invested into my future and help me achieve my goals in life all thanks to fantasy sports!

image (9)Paul:

That is awesome! It sounds like you have things planned out.

Have you told you friends and family and if so, how did they react to the news?


My family was very happy they congratulated me and wanted to sign up.


I bet they did!

Are you coaching them on how to play Daily Fantasy Football.

I would imagine they are asking you for advice now they see what skillful players can do.


My phone didn’t stop buzzing all morning I was offering as much advice as I could this week.

I’ve introduced many friends to your YouTube channel and I’m sure this fantasy sports community will continue to thrive!


Well I appreciate the referrals!

Well let’s get into some strategy talk.

Let’s talk about how you constructed this lineup that scored a 192.4 points.

What were you thinking when you were building?

Here was the Lineup:

image (8)$550k Sunday NFL Kickoff

Drew Brees $9000 29.3
Justin Forsett $7700  32
michael-kors-backpack-wallet “>Issiah Crowell $5500 20.8
Odell Beckham $7500 31.4
Branden Lafell $6900 14.3
Steve Smith $6400 16.9
Jimmy Graham $7500 19.7
Billy Cundiff $4500 14
Seattle Seahawks $5000 14
Total 192.4



My thought process was mainly stick with my stack approach usually a QB/WR or QB/TE combo.

That’s usually where I build around from those are my first two picks.

When news hit that Ben Tate would be released that means they would be pretty much stuck with Crowell so I took a shot.

Hoyer has been struggling and the only upside to the Browns was Crowell in the matchup he had. monster beats diamond tears dna

Next was filling my other RB and I figured the Saints defense was very run soft and Forsett would exploit them as he did.

Whenever there is a big league match up I try to find a player or two who I believe will have the most success so when I saw Dallas and New York I knew I had to take advantage of the hot streak Odel Beckham Jr was having.

Steve smith has some of the best stats against New Orleans in his career lifetime against them so I went with him and just needed value.

When I chose my defense I figured it would be Arizona’s backup quarterback against one of the top notch defenses and the value was perfect for my budget.

There was a lot of thought and research done that week. My player projections were met and led me to success


Interesting thought process.

Are you primarily Cash Game player or a GPP player?


I’m primarily a GPP player.

I’ve had more frequent success cashing in this type of game but I’m trying to transition to cash games and continue to build my bankroll.


Yea, I love GPP’s too but I know Cash Games are the best way to build a bankroll.

To end, what would be one piece of advice to all our readers for having success playing large field GPP’s tournaments?


My advice would have to be try to stay balanced in your team selection.

I’ve picked so many high end players that produce but then you’re forced to pick up lower end “scrubs” just to fill your roster.

Your 5 star players take up lots of cap space and yea they usually perform and you score in the low 100’s but you want to stay balanced to produce consistent 130’s to have a better chance to cash.

Stay balanced because your teams will stay consistent and you’ll get the occasional home run player that takes your team to the next level.


Alright, I think that is solid advice.

You’re absolutely right, picking expensive players cripples your team more than it helps most of the time. Little room for error at those lower levels.

Well, thank you Trevino for taking the time to do this interview. I really appreciate the perspective and advice you gave to our readers as it helps shape how we approach building GPP lineups.

I know you and your family are super excited and have plans for how to spend 25k.

Once again, congrats on the huge win and enjoy the spoils of Daily Fantasy Football!


Thanks man I appreciate it all, I need 43 points to beat you this week it’s going to be close!

Good luck with your season and keep those informative videos coming.

Week 12 Fanduel Earnings Report

Overall Cash Game Win Rate Percentage – 100%

Initial Deposit for Week 1 – $150. moncler down dress 00

Total Cash Withdrawal – $0

Starting Bankroll for Week 12 – $ 160.xx

Total Cash Game Winnings – $22

Total Cash Game Loses – $0

Week 12 Net Profit/Loss –cheap nfl jerseys china jerseys re “> $22

Ending Balance – $182.xx


GPP Tournaments

GPP Deposits – $700

ugg outlet return policy ct “>Total GPP Cash Withdrawals – $700

Starting Bankroll for Week 12 – $420

Total GPP Winnings – $0

Total GPP Losses – $410

Week 12 Net Profit/Loss – $410

Ending Balance – $10


Week 11 Fanduel Earnings Report

Overall Cash Game Win Rate Percentage – 0%

Initial Deposit for Week 1 – $150.00

moncler a new york milano “>Total Cash Withdrawal – $0

Starting Bankroll for Week 11 – $ 187.xx

Total Cash Game Winnings – $ 0

Total Cash Game Loses – $27.00

Week 10 Net Profit/Loss – $27.00

monster beats earbuds review law “>Ending Balance – $ 160.xx


GPP Tournaments

GPP Deposits – $700

Total GPP Cash Withdrawals – $700

Starting Bankroll for Week 11 – $1, monster beats by dr dre ibeats in 020

Total GPP Winnings – $0

Total GPP Losses – $600

Week 11 Net Profit/Loss – $420

Ending Balance – $420

Next Experiment

$200 Mon- Thurs Tournament

Week 6 Fanduel Earnings Report

Overall Cash Game Win Rate Percentage – 93%

monster-beats-earbuds-review-lawsuit “>Initial Deposit for Week 1 – $150.00

Starting Bankroll for Week 6 – $136.00

Total Cash Game Winnings – $72

Total Cash Game Loses – michael kors careers clearance “>$10

Total GPP Winnings – $6

Total GPP Losses – $34

Week 5 Net Profit/Loss – $54moncler belt bomber “>

Ending Balance – $170.00

Week 5 Fanduel Earnings Report

Overall Cash Game Win Rate Percentage – 100%

moncler cluny careers “>Initial Deposit for Week 1 – $150.00

Starting Bankroll for Week 5 – $161.00

Total Cash Game Winnings – $40

Total Cash Game Loses – michael kors c 1002 c 905 “>$0

Total GPP Winnings – $0

Total GPP Losses –  $65

Week 5 Net Profit/Loss –  $25

ugg outlet geelong gilroy “>Ending Balance – $136.00

Week 4 Fanduel Earnings Report

michael kors extreme blue employee discount “>Overall Cash Game Win Rate Percentage – 25%

Initial Deposit for week 1 – $150.00

Starting Bankroll for Week 3- $247.00

Total Winnings – ugg outlet atlantic city arizona “>$45.00

Ending Balance – $161.00

Net Profit/Loss – $86. michael kors boots bracelet 00 Loss

Week 3 Fanduel Earnings Report

michael kors card holder c 1004 “>Overall Cash Game Win Rate Percentage – 50%

Initial Deposit for week 1 – $150

Starting Bankroll for Week 3- $338

Total Winnings – michael kors coupon clutch “>$129.60

Net Profit/Loss – $91.00 Loss

moncler cest pas assez cher down coat “>

Week 2 Fanduel Earnings Report

Overall Fanduel Week 2 Win Rate Percentage

ugg outlet return policy ct “>

91% Win Rate Percentage


Total Winnings – $338

Net Profit – $214



  ugg outlet barstow brisbane


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2014 Week 2 Lineup for Fanduel Fantasy Football

2014 Week 1 Recap & Week 2 Lineup for NFL Fantasy Football League

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FanDuel Strategy

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